Drag and Drop Question types for Quizzes

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It would be great to have a drag and drop question type for quizzes. It could function much like a peardeck.com question or like Moodle's "drag and drop" question type.

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Just curious, is there a certain example of question that makes drag / drop you are thinking of?  I think drag/drop is neat Smiley Happy but is there a case in which a matching question or multiple drop downs won't work?  Is it specifically the more interactive feel you like about drag/drop?


- Melanie

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Matching / multiple drop downs work but these question types can only get to low level questioning. It will work, but I find myself designing questions that do not work within your LMS. I want students to function in more of a thinking mode (not a selection mode). Drag and drop forces them to make a predictive response based upon their knowledge and not simply selecting the best possible choice.

I teach Chemistry. I want students to view a graphic (usually a particle diagram or a line graph) and make predictive behaviors or diagram trending events from the dataset.

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I get it totally, thanks for explaining. For more visual assessments especially it could make them more interactive.  We often use Storyline to provide a more interactive drag/drop experience.   Would be a fun addition Smiley Happy!

- Melanie

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I like this idea and think it has lots of potential.  Moodle has come a long way with this and it would be good to be able to recreate it's successes by having both:

  1. Cloze activities where you drag text onto a paragraph
  2. Labelling diagrams



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​Drag and drop feature would have huge traction with teachers. Teach sciences and option to have labeling style questions for parts of the body or key parts of electrical circuits or different parts of a chemical equation would be perfect.

could drag and drop also allow ordering style question types - brilliant for history or any chronological question type.

wish more of these requests had greater prominence in the community as these are the ones that have greatest impact in teaching and learning.

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Can't believe this has not had more votes :O(

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I want this too!

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Could we try again for this? I *really* would value this - teaching students to label economics model diagrams would be helped enormously with this feature. I suppose the hot spot type questions currently being considered ( ) would do a similar thing for diagrams - but for students using the mobile app and/or not skilled at typing - the drag-drop function for any sorting/analysing/predicting function would be excellent.

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