Drag and drop files into course modules and assignment edit windows

Could you add a "drag and drop" feature to the course modules and to the assignment edit windows? It is already easy to delete a file in the modules (gear feature) and in the assignment edit windows, but adding and editing the file content in the modules and assignment edit windows would be faster and easier for the instructors if they were able to "drag and drop" a file from their computer files into the modules/assignment edit windows.

Thank you,

Doris Brown

San Domenico School

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Ready Release Notes (2020-05-16) 

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Everybody wants this. We're being trained and seriously, everybody wants it.

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Can we put stars, two hands up, thumbs up, etc? Just kidding...but this is a great idea! It will make for an easier transition for our faculty who are used to an LMS with that feature. Thank you for adding it!

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Thank you, Ryan. My school is transitioning from Moodle to Canvas and I miss this feature. The faculty on my campus will be shown how to vote "up" for this feature during PD in a few weeks. Thank you for helping to get this feature accepted.Smiley Happy Earlier attempts failed due to too few votes:smileyconfused:.  Doris

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Thank you Rachel. This feature will save a lot of time. I appreciate any help you can give by encouraging your colleagues to vote "up" for this feature!  glowing_star.pnghands up.png thumb up.png

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I suggested this same idea to @Brian Whitmer in 2010 pre-Canvas. If it can help instructors build faster, it maybe a hit.

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 @dbrown3 ​ this is a essential feature for ease of use.  Many teachers at my school have been trying to drag and drop unsuccessfully because they expect it (it's in gmail and many other sites).  I initially created this idea a while ago and it failed to get much traction.  Hope it does better here. 

Also plugging a new idea: " modifiedtitle="true" title="Hybrid Submission: both online and on paper

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This is a super useful feature. I would also love to see Canvas allow more functionality to edit and save documents online and even display them

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Excellent idea!!