[Files] Student user files alert when space is full

When a faculty requests students to upload a file to an upgraded Discussion post, if their User Files is full (50 MB), they receive an error that says nothing about why they can't add their file. "File upload failed" 

Can the message say more about their User File Storage is FULL or link them to their storage area so they can see it is full? 

How can it be more clear to students why they can't upload their files?

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Community Coach

Fully agree, and this should be not only for user files, but also course files.  "file upload failed" is not a helpful enough message.  "File upload failed, storage space is full" or something along those lines would be a huge improvement.


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Community Team
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Hi @tmalone2 -

Thank you for sharing this Idea with the Community!

I wanted to also share that there is a related idea for Instructors. I hope that you and others who find this Idea take a look at that one too.When a course site storage is full, there is no prompt warning message. 

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Greetings KristinL,

Yes I agree that the above Idea is good, but it says "staff". I want to make sure that Students are represented as well and that User Storage is different than Course Storage. 

So do they edit theirs or does this one stay?


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A Canvas support technician that "Error: Request failed with status code 400" means a student is out of file storage capacity. It would be helpful if this error message specifically indicated this. It would save everyone time.

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