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Having the ability to organize uploaded video content within Arc would be a very helpful addition. Right now, videos appear in the order in which they are uploaded. In order to use the same videos again (future years), having folders to organize our content would make everything much easier to find. Thank you for considering!


This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas Studio

For more information, please read through the Studio Release Notes (2020-06-03)

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Hopefully this is implemented soon.  Every other streaming platform now offers this except arc.  makes it very hard to justify the cost when Microsoft stream is free. 

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I agree with the need for folders to organize the videos. This is one of the most frequently requested feature my office receives from faculty concerning Arc. They do not want to open each course to see what videos are hosted there. They want one stop shopping in the main Arc account. 

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This function is really important if you are doing lots of short videos

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I'm really surprised and disappointed that ARC doesn't include the ability to organize by folder.  The same issue exists with PAGEs.  Canvas really makes life hard on instructors sometimes.

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Multiple faculties asked me about folders to organize their video content and were disappointed that folders can't be created at this time.

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In addition to the folders which would be very helpful, I would like to recommend an easier way to move videos created in Arc My Uploads to specific courses.  Currently, the only option is to download the video and reupload it into the proper course. 

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I'm fine with a main Arc -My Uploads section, though I don't find that as useful when dealing with many courses with many shorter videos.  What I want to see is the ability to create a folder within a course and to be able to easily move an Arc video created in My Uploads to a specific course.

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Hi  @mary_gozzacohen ...

That would need to be created as a separate Feature Idea here in the Community (if one is not already created).  That way, people can vote on and/or comment on that one, too.  Community Managers ask us to have one request per Feature Idea submission so that everyone knows what is being voted on/requested.  More info at: How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?.

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Thanks so much!!

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We have many videos created in Arc. It would be much easier to locate the videos if folders were an integral part of he program.

Thank you