[Gradebook] Allow "Display As" Options for Final Grade and Assignment Groups

We are in need of flexibility in displaying final grades and assignment groups similar to the way that individual assignments have flexibility in the way they display. For example, I would like the option to have a numerical average for total display and/or letter grade as a total display. So, if I have 3 assignments where a student scores a 3 in each assignment, that would be an average of 3. I would like "3" to display in the assignment groups column rather than 75%. Similarly, I would like the option to have a letter grade display, so if a student has 10/10 points in the assignment group, it would display as "A" instead of 100%. See screenshot below.


171612_Assignment Groups in Canvas (1).pngAssignment Groups in Canvas (1).png


The screenshot below is for configuring the display of an individual assignment. I would like to see a similar dropdown exist in the Assignment Groups configuration for a course. This would allow for some needed flexibility with regards to reporting when using non-traditional grading schemes in a course. Canvas is so close to "finishing the job" with allowing for flexible reporting. Please put this feature in, so we can truly use the grading schemes and individual assignment displays to their fullest extent.


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Kristi Levy Timothy Kohl Heather Kangas Tom Anfinson, please spread the word.

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Yes, I like being able to add a numerical grade or a calculated numerical grade but set it so that the student only sees a letter based on our grading scheme.  If I want to see the original number, I can do so.  I see a lot of support for this option!

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Please implement this idea! I started a new 'idea' page, thinking that this one had somehow become inactive, that requests pretty much the same thing:

There are many cases where a grading symbol, phrase, or even point value (from 1-5, for example) would be a much more powerful way to communicate an overall grade with students, vs. a percentage!

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I agree that this option (to show letter only, % only, or both) would be

very desirable.


On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 12:58 PM, mmikulski@thefsi.us <


Hi Corey, 

Just want to say this is a brilliant idea, one of which I had just written up myself till I found yours! 

We are in need of having the assignment group have a 'display as ' option for a letter grade, as we use assignment groups to determine a competent (C) or not yet competent (NYC) result against Units of Competencies (we title the assignment groups after these) which have multiple assignments pointing towards one outcome. 

Your idea is on product radar now but it's a vote up from me (x100) 

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Hi Instructure,  pmillar                                                                                                                                                          

Please find use cases/user stories from The University of Adelaide (UofA) team around this feature request. It's voted up by the UofA team.


  • As a student, I want to get feedback on my assignment via Grade Centre, so that I know how I am performing.
  • As a teacher,

    I want to be able to give my students indication of performance using a non-numeric value (e.g. HD, D, C, P, F; NGP, Satisfactory, Non-Satisfactory), so that I have the opportunity to adjust the final grades.
  • As a teacher,

    I want to be able to associate a numeric grade to the non-numeric value and be able to download while only showing the non-numeric value to students, with the option to exclude the numeric value from the “Total” and “Assignment Group” columns.
  • As a teacher,

    I want the option to mute (hide from students) the “Total” column.


Thank you,

Kavika Karshan

The University of Adelaide

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Well, Corey expressed the need for this feature over a year ago, and almost two hundred up-votes (until voting was closed, whenever that was) suggest that there is strong interest in the Canvas community for adding this capability. Deactivated user, a product development manager, has appended what seems to be a status update to the idea. It suggests that this idea is being 'worked into' a grading schemes 'project' that she is active on -- though I can't tell how dated her comment is... so the most pertinent questions seem to be:

1) When can we expect to have this option available as a toggle in a Beta Canvas release?

2) What else can we do, in the meantime, to advocate for this idea actually getting realized?

I've been bugging my CSM (Customer Support Manager? I'm not sure if Canvas offers such a contact person to institutions worldwide, but we have one as a K-12 here in the U.S.) to no end about doing everything she can to let 'higher ups' know: THIS FEATURE IS CRITICAL FOR AUTHENTIC IMPLEMENTATION OF STANDARDS-BASED GRADING.

It will be very difficult for intermediate and secondary schools to change the way students think about successfully completing their academic endeavors, if we can't get them away from percentages...

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I concur with Matthew here.  Blackboard allows for these options so it makes complete sense that Canvas implement it as quickly as possible.

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Is Product Radar where ideas go to die? I think "Learn More About This Stage" is supposed to say, but it leads to a broken link which probably says it all about ideas in this stage. >.>

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 @Anonymous ‌, here's the link to the explanation of the Product Radar stage: New Ideation Stage:  Product Radar 

We revamped and then relaunched our ideas process and relaunched early last month, and in the process, some links broke. Sorry about that.

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