[Gradebook] New Gradebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Assignment Statuses

In the New Gradebook, I can type EX to automatically get the Excused status applied to a student's grade for an assignment. I would love to see that functionality extended to the Missing and Late statuses as well. 

EX = Excused, M and L don't work.EX = Excused, M and L don't work.

Additionally, especially with external tools, it would be nice to have a T (Turned In) status to indicate what assignments have been submitted but not graded yet. This would be helpful for parents at the K-12 level. 

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Eric is always thinking of great changes that will save teachers time and make the tool beneficial for all users involved (staff, students, parents).  Love this!  Hope it happens.

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100% agree with this.  It would make the gradebook so much quicker.  

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I love this idea! I am used to being able to use "M" for missing in a gradebook, that way I don't have to take multiple steps to indicate that something is missing. This would be so helpful! I really hope they implement an update that includes more gradebook Keyboard Shortcuts.

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This is would be so helpful for students to know that they have missed a deadline! They're expecting it with other assignments, so it will catch them off guard if it's inconsistent.

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Grading in the Gradebook needs to be more efficient. We need to be able to type an M in the gradebook assignment column for missing and so forth. It takes 3 mouse clicks to change grade codes. This isn't fast or efficient. Other grade programs offer this feature. Canvas needs to be competitive with other products.

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This would save me so much time!

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I agree!  I've wanted to be able to quickly type this in instead of clicking "exempt," "missing," etc.

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This would be an awesome add on feature!

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Yes please we need this!