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When I upload my own image on a page it would be great to automatically have the Image Attributes display so that I can change the Alt text. The default ALT text, which is the file name, likely means nothing to someone who cannot see the picture. I imagine many users don’t know how important it is to take the extra step to change this label to something meaningful.




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Hi  @lezonl2 ​ and thank you for submitting this idea!

While this can be accomplished in the HTML Editor, many faculty will not even open that. An easier way is necessary to promote accessibility.

While I did not find any current requests similar to yours, I did find a couple archived ones you might be interested in:

Because there are no current ideas similar to yours, I am recommending that your idea open for voting during the next period.

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By default, Canvas auto-generates alt text from the file name. As long as instructors name their photos after what's in the image, it should be ok. However, I agree that there should also be a prominent form field to encourage them to enter it manually -- maybe with a quick explainer on why alt text is so important.

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With the intense focus on Accessibility in online courses making it so that the Alt text window opens as soon as an image is added would be a HUGE help!


Community Coach
Community Coach

I agree. Some kind of additional information or prompt would make it more useful. It would also be nice if Canvas could attach the alt text to the image file's metadata so that if the image is reused elsewhere in a course the alt text will be there automatically.

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Absolutely needed!

On a side note, if you use keyboard controls, ALT + K on PC (CMD + K on Mac?) pulls up an ALT text window for hyperlinks.

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Great tip. I will give that a try!

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We should be able to edit an image and a hyperlinks attributes without having to switch to html view.

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Currently you can add Alt text to an image by clicking Edit, then click on the image, then the image icon in the Rich Content Editor. Add the Alt text in the window that opens.

It really would save time if that same window opened every time you add an image to the course!

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This would really help in promoting good practices in using images in courses!  I hope it can get to 100.