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Canvas is an awesome LMS. With this suggestion post, we would like to ask Instructor to consider a sequential visibility setting that allows modules to be visible by current week automatically. This would mean all modules are visible to the instructor only and by default, one 1 module (the current week) would be visible to the student.

For example, week 1 module starts on 3/14/22 and ends on 3/20/22. On 3/21/2022 at a time selected by the instructor, the week 1 module disappears from student view and only the current week (week 2) is visible to students.


We have seen this as a built-in feature in traditional uses of Blackboard, D2L, and other platforms. Let us know what you think and we hope to see this feature explored in the future.





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Hello, I was about to post a near replica of this suggestion!

I would be ELATED to see (whichever) week is at present - automated to having the module/tab/"week of (present-tense)"

"header color: green" 

maybe have an indication of color coding to if all of the assignments being complete, some complete/some pending, and all of the assignments are yet to be completed.

I am thinking. . .perhaps next to assigned work that is yet to be completed, {all lowercase font, not in bold, in the color of red}- [ incomplete ] 

(also not italicized) : [ incomplete ]

then maybe, if part of the coursework is completed yet there are still pending assignments, there would be. . .(example): (Main header, slightly grey at present for all Main headers in modules)

[   Week Four : Course load and assignments for W4 / this area is purple for partial progress   ] 


Assignment 1 for week 4 : Do this for this week!                 { incomplete | vs. | complete }

IDK, maybe { incomplete | vs. | complete }

I like the second one better.

If it's the week of, and the header is green, perhaps (in color contrast) if all assignments are yet to be completed, the main header tab color code could be / orange. ]

if all assignments are complete. . .perhaps a [ ⚘ ] or ... [ ☘ ] or ... [ ❃ ] ... something like those-
would be of good sense/visual aid ?

...and now I am thinking about people who have color blindness...

look, all in a days work - and I am sorry if this is not the easiest comment to interpret-follow-digest-etc, /

Thank kindly you for your time!
-Sarah Jean Weber

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I agree. The ability to schedule module visibility is a very important feature, especially for instructors with many modules they want to release progressively throughout the quarter/semester/year.

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