[Modules] Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules

I am working on a new semester in Canvas. I have moved over my old content from Blackboard. I am now trying to organize items a bit better into modules. It would be wonderful if there was a way to select multiple items in the modules sections and move them all at once to a new or different module. Thanks!

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Alpine School District tired to submit a similar request, that impacted two separate features: Modules and Assignments.  While our idea was specific to being able to move multiple module items, it incorporates the need to develop a bulk-select capability in Modules, which would be a prerequisite to bulk deletion.... so we support this idea.

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This is an amazing idea and one that our teachers would totally support. When adding or removing items from a module, it can be tedious and time consuming when one has to do it one item at a time. I would love to be able to select multiple items on a module to move or to remove. 

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Our university is new to Canvas and also bringing content over from Blackboard. This feature would save faculty time if they could delete or move multiple items at once within a modules

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Has anyone located the answer to this?  I have created 15 new modules and am faced with moving approximately 100 items, including pages, discussions, quizzes, etc. from the massive list brought by Blackboard into these new Modules one at a time.  As an alternaitve, I could group the files and insert a module to contain them? thank you.

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Vote fro pretty much anything which reduces teacher time managing the learning platform to allow them to concentrate on developing great EdTech content.

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This would be a huge time saver. Being an Admin, this would speed things up tremendously when building shells and organizing content!

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Yes we need this, please!

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Yes this is a must! I am at a loss as to why this is not already a feature! My teachers are wasting so much time on moving each individual item one at a time. Please make this a priority.

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I honestly can't see why this doesn't exist.  Organizing imported Canvas is so tedious and time consuming...I would love to free up some time to actually work on the class.