[New Quizzes] Add Student Analysis report with option to download

New Quizzes reports do not include the Student Analysis report as seen in Classic Quizzes. Our faculty use this report to track completion of students.  Currently the reports offered in New Quizzes do not allow download ability and this is highly important to our faculty. 

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Physics would like to do a detailed analysis of student responses to particular questions designed to address specific learning goals.  This is nearly impossible without the ability to download student responses to each question, by student, in something like csv format.

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The ability to export the student analysis data is critical. We would love to see this as an option in new quizzes.

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I assumed that this was possible because it is a truly basic function for assessment data. I have multiple instructors across 40 sections that are doing a collaborative assessment using a New Quiz. Because there is no way to download their results, my ability to analyze and aggregate the data is now nearly impossible. I am baffled that this isn't already a possibility. 

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Ability to download a report on all student responses from New Quizzes

It is vital that we have the ability to download a report showing all students responses in new Quizzes. Currently it no possible identify specific student responses to questions. This makes checking for potential collusion or plagiarism between students.

The fact feature was available in the old quiz tool but is not in the new tool is disappointing.

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It would be wonderful to be able to download the student result report for quizzes.  This information is invaluable but cannot be shared because it cannot be downloaded. The only current option is to copy each part of it into an outside file.

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Hi all

Thanks to @thackead  for this features idea.

This feature is a must for us! We sometimes conduct large exams with Canvas quizzes and want to analyze the results in detail afterwards. Among other things, we would like to examine the partial results for different parts of the exam in more detail. Therefore, we absolutely need a student analysis with the possibility to download it as CSV (analog classic quizzes).

At the moment you only have the possibility to download the final result of a quiz in gradebook and that can't be a solution! In the age of learning analytics, you have to provide the ability to download the detailed answers/scores/etc.


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I need this option to do data analysis on my individual students. Please do not discontinue classic quizzes until some of these problems are fixed!

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Canvas debería poder permitir dejar descargar un los detalles de las respuestas de los alumnos uno a uno en un Excel

Canvas debería permitir desclicar las opciones en un examen

Canvas debería tener un sistema más directo de exportar datos en un Excel con formato xlsx.

Translation from Google Translate:
Canvas should be able to let you download the details of the students' responses one by one in an Excel
Canvas should allow declining options in an exam
Canvas should have a more straightforward system of exporting data into an Excel with xlsx format.

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