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Assignments and Classic Quizzes have an option to Download All Files or Download Submissions, either for Assignment submissions or for the files submitted to a File Upload quiz question. Since New Quizzes also has a File Upload question type, it seems like you should have the same ability to download all the submitted files as a package that you have in Classic Quizzes.

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Thanks for sharing this idea, mb_tju. You might also be interested in this related idea: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/15635-download-essay-questions 

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Yes! This is needed for sure. Math instructors at our institution have students upload PDFs of their work and answers to Quiz questions with File Upload type. They then grade them with feedback and ideally re-upload the results. Bulk would be great for this! 

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Yes! Please add this feature to new quizzes and please add the ability to grade one question at a time.  Thanks you. 

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I agree that bulk download of file upload submissions is absolutely a needed feature in New Quizzes!

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Downloading files one by one for an entire class (and giving them consistent names in the process) is seriously time consuming! I would think this ability would be necessary for New Quizzes to have parity with Classic.

(Also, for anyone who happens upon this "idea" discussion, you might also be interested in a related discussion to actually allow the use of the DocViewer viewing and annotation features for Quiz file uploads, in parallel with Assignment file uploads: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/SpeedGreader-should-open-pdfs-in-DocViewer-for... )

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In Classic Quizzes - if you have a file upload question you can "Download All Files" from the quiz details page.
For file upload Assignments a "Download Submissions" option is available on the assignment details page AND from the column dropdown menu in the grade book.
I'd like to see a "Download All Files" option available from the column dropdown menu in the grade book for quizzes. This would standardize the way file submissions can be accessed across assignments and quizzes.
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Honestly, what are you guys doing with this "New quizzes" tool? Are you actually building it out? Should we stick with "Old quizzes"? The fact that we have to now individually download these files is just bonkers. No bulk download/upload... Effectively, you are eliminating good features from old quizzes. However, you aren't apparently updating the old quizzes either. I can't moderate in old quizzes the way you can in new quizzes. This is a frustrating product. 

Can someone please let us know if we should build material for new quizzes, expecting no backwards compatability? Should we stick with old quizzes expecting you to abandon the new venture? 

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@neveuax, to your first question, you might be interested to read today's blog post from a product manager at Canvas:



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I think it would be great for New Quizzes to be able to download into a package/file. It would help with long tests or groups /banks of questions.

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I'm using the new quizzes to give the students take-home exams because of COVID. The ability to give a window to take the exam, but with a time limit based on when they start the exam is why I chose to implement this in New Quizzes. However, these are math assignments and so it is necessary for the students to upload their work as PDFs. I only have 8 students, so it is at least feasible to download them all individually. But I cannot imagine doing this if I had a class of 100. It would take hours. This is a key functionality that is needed. It would be even better to enable the document viewer in speed grader. This would eliminate my need to download the assignments at all.