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Sometimes we may have typos in a quiz and because of that, or other reasons, we need to add extra time for everyone while the quiz is in progress. So far this cannot be done since the due date/time is fixed once the student has started the quiz. So could we add this feature so this can be done?


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This is something I would also like to see. Students have connectivity issues, sometimes they just need one extra minute, sometimes there are typos, etc,

We should be able to add extra time as the test is happening.

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Using new quizzes and I have different due dates set for different students under the "Assign" settings by going to the new quiz, clicking the three dots, then edit. For students that were taking this as a makeup at a different time, this worked well. However, I had students with internet connectivity issues during the exam and they needed to go back in and submit some answers or in some cases they just needed more time on the 90 minute timed exam. 

I was just trouble shooting with one student and it kept telling him that the time was up after I hit the "reopen" button in the "Moderate" link when in the new quiz and selecting the add additional time option. I then went into the settings button in the new quiz and set the time limit from 90 to 0 (this removes the time limit) and that enabled that student to get back in to the same attempt 62 hours after he took the exam. And then I think, because the due dates under the "Assign" settings control over the time settings, you can restrict what students will get this additional time and how much additional time they will get. And I think you also have to hit the "reopen" button for the student. So, this is a workaround but I think it captures what we are trying to do.  

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I've been using Canvas for a grand total of a month and a half now, and over the past three weeks I've used New Quizzes to run online exams in my classes (for just 50 students or so, this term). In just that short time and with that small number of students, I've had three or four cases where someone had an issue come up and I wanted to grant them a little extra time on their current, ongoing attempt.

One example: a student started taking his exam on a library computer, and then just after he'd started a library staff member reminded everyone that the library closed early on Saturdays and that they needed to pack up. He wrote to me right away to see if he could get an extra 15 minutes to cover the time it would take to get back to his dorm and reconnect, but nothing that I tried would give it to him. (I like the suggested workaround of setting the quiz time limit to 0 to allow a student to reconnect, but if I'm understanding that suggestion correctly it sounds like it mostly works for a student taking the quiz after the rest of the class has finished it, right? Since the Settings time controls the quiz time limit for all students, not just for one of them? So I don't think it would have helped the student in my example, who was taking the quiz in the middle of the times available to everyone else.)

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Right but you can add different assign and due dates for individual students. I think the biggest drawback is that you the students don't get the timer at the top of the quiz if you set the time to zero. 

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This is something we need to be able to provide the legal accommodations for students IEPs and 504s.

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This is really essential, particularly when students are taking quizzes remotely off campus - if a student is interrupted by a technical issue or another unforeseen challenges in their home environment we need to be able to grant them additional time on an in progress quiz attempt.  It's possible in Classic Quizzes, please add this functionality to New Quizzes as a priority.

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It would be extremely useful to accommodate students with IEPs and 504s if we could add extra time to any quiz where students run out of time. The reopen process gives the appearance that oy.u can do this - 

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Yes this absolutely needs to be added. We are working with middle school and high school students who regularly have WiFi issues or other problems that warrant extra time added. That should be able to be done from the Moderate page. If their time runs out and it isn't their fault, the results is very frustrated and flustered teenagers.

How can it not have the same features that the old quizzes had?!

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Yes we would really love this feature too.

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Yes definitely would like this feature.