New Quizzes Grading Indication

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New Quizzes Grading

New Quizzes allows mixed question formats which could result in some questions being auto graded and some needing manual grading. In the grade book, using Speedgrader, there is no indicator of what is fully graded and what is not unless you use the moderator on each student and view the attempts. Our idea was to have the Green check mark for fully graded quizzes, a Yellow dot for partially graded and a Red dot for ungraded that shows in the  Student Drop down list where you can currently see the Green check mark. Instructors often have to step away and it would a benefit if they can quickly see where they left off and return to grading. 

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Thanks for sharing this idea,  @leeann_edwards ; it's open for community consideration. You might also be interested in 

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Yep I saw that one too and had already voted up on it. Thanks!!

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YES! With the soft closure, this was a nightmare. I always give my students multiple attempts, but this feature caused so much frustration. I had students who had redone their assessment, but I didn't know it. Going into each quiz to look for a new submission is a pain.

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This is not only a great idea... but a greatly needed change/improvement.  I love the new quizzes, but this problem is really a big one.  It takes so much time to go through every single assignment, especially when they are allowed multiple attempts.  Please consider fixing this quickly.

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This should be fixed ASAP. New Quizzes are not ready for Prime Time. I can't believe Classic Quizzes are being remove next summer when there are still so many inconsistencies and irregularities.

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There needs to be a orange dot in speed grader for new quiz submissions that still require teacher grading. Currently there are only green check marks given for all submissions regardless if they have a pending teacher grading requirement or have been completely graded. Also it'd be great if there was a notification sent to students saying this assignment is pending teacher input.

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New Quizzes need to be as user friendly as all of the other assignments, discussions and classic quizzes in terms of speedgrader and showing up in our to do list!

This needs to be fixed ASAP.  Teachers are spending way to much time on going back and going back to New Quizzes to see if students did it or not!  

Consistency in your programs is key! 

Fix asap!  Until then I am not using New Quizzes as all.  Its a waste of my time and its such a loss to me and my students because besides these small problems it is an incredible tool. 

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We need this feature.

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I have to be told be a student that they turned in an assignment late before I know it was turned in.  I have gone all quarter without know a student turned in most of his assignments.

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Yes! This is especially true for large assignments that take a while to grade. I want to sync the ones that are completely graded and not those I still need to review.