[New Quizzes] Item banks created within a course should be automatically added to the course

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Preface: Canvas support asked me to post a feature request as this is was deemed not a bug, but how it should work. This is in spite of what is stated in How do I create an Item Bank in New Quizzes? (For reference Case #08869242.)

When creating an item bank in a new quiz, the documentation shows that after the item bank is created, it should appear under the This Course filter.

The actual situation, confirmed by Canvas Support, is that a user has to share the newly created item bank back to the course.

This is counterintuitive as well as adding steps to what should be a straightforward process.

I hope that the behaviour described in the guide can be implemented.

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I completely agree. In my last conversations with Canvas Support about this issue, I was told that " Adding the course context to the item banks when they are created is part of a current project of our quiz team. We don't have an exact eta, but this will be updated at some point soon." 

Having the item banks actually show up under the "This Course" filter would be very helpful, and that filter is pointless until this is fixed. If this is not going to be fixed soon, updating the documentation to reflect accurate information about the feature is a necessity. 

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Thanks, this caused me a lot of confusion when I was trying to do some testing with Item Banks recently

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I had a faculty member asking for this exact thing just last week. How item banks work can be confusing so this would be helpful.

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I was about to make a post about Item Banks on New Quizzes and I see your post for the same issue!

  • When adding a question bank in New Quizzes, it adds to All Banks.
  • It does not allow you to add to Item Banks specific to the course you created from.
  • And when you use the filter "This Course", it shows up blank.


This is really bad design. People have multiple courses and Item Banks will be cluttered quickly making it very hard to find stuff without using search function for everything. Please fix this so that Item Banks can be assigned to All Courses or a specific course. This was a feature in Class Quiz.

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I agree that this is a much need improvement. But can you also improve the whole 'sharing' implementation.

If banks are added automatically to the course, then we shouldn't need to 'share' them normally. But there will still be times when it might be necessary, and the current implementation is not good (it slow and can't cope with scale).

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We have faculty members asking for this to be fixed as well. Item banks should be tied to the course they are created in so that sharing to copied courses isn't necessary.

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To be blunt, how is this not already built into the Item Bank concept?  If you're going to build a sharing concept into Item Banks (fine, that's a good feature), why is the course *the bank is created in* not automatically one of the places it's shared to?  And we have to "discuss" and vote on this as a feature???

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This is really a New Quiz deal-breaker for me, as an embedded instructional designer for a College of Nursing.  Instructors inherit courses all the time and how is it even possible they can't access the item bank of a former instructor's quiz?  I want to recommend the faculty created new quizzes with New Quizzes since the classic ones are going away, but sheeeeeeeeesh.  This is what computers do--automate things.  I shouldn't have to give access for every copied quiz manually.