[New Quizzes] Multiple Numerical Blanks

It would be a wonderful addition to allow multiple numerical blank questions.  Essentially take the numerical answer question and cross it with the fill in multiple blanks type of question.  Many instructors have questions that contain multiple parts. 

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I agree.  Multiple numeric answers would be great.  It would eliminate x = 1, y =2 as possible answers for [x] and [y].  If a student tried to enter an alphabetic character, it would not be allowed.

In the current model a math teacher may have to enter: 1, x=1, x = 1, x= 1, x =1 in order to guess at what a student may fill in for a "fill in the blank" question

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Multi-part questions are frequently used in STEM and business assessments. My workaround has been to build these questions as multiple fill-in-the-blanks instead, but those offer limited formatting and then you lose the answer options (margin of error, within a range, significant digits, etc) you'd have for a numeric question. Multiple part numeric questions would be a huge win.

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What's the current status of implementing a "Numerical" answer type for the fill in the blank new quiz? Please tell me it has been implemented and I have just been looking in the wrong place.

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