[New Quizzes] New Quizzes: Creating Graphs

Can something be added so that students can be given a table or equation and then they put points on a graph or move a line on the graph to match the table or equation.  At this point, some of our standardized testing requires that they know how to do this and you do not offer it...graphing tool‌, algebra‌, #linear and exponential

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I totally agree @erica_gittemeie !! This would be a super useful function for my use in Secondary Schools as well.

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This is something I have been looking for in my classes as well. I have had to resort to having students upload pictures in order to get them the graphing quiz/test I wanted to do. This year I have just started using a different program for math quizzes just for that feature.

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I like this idea. 

Even if students are able to draw on a graph it would be better than nothing.  

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I just had a teacher ask me if there were any ideas on how to include Graphing in Canvas Quizzes and I came up with nothing. I agree that this would be a nice feature for the STEM teachers out there.

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I think this would be extremely beneficial for all grade levels and various contents. Graphing is a great visual representation and it would be better to assess to on graphing if they could demonstrate the skill. 

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I'm also needing something like this for a college algebra class.

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This would be really helpful for our Engineering Faculty.

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Another vote for this idea.

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Our district has been in conversation with other districts. We have concluded that we are using other programs to facilitate the graphing portion of mathematics. It may seem daunting for Canvas to pursue. However, if Canvas would put an effort into doing this for STEM courses, I feel that more teachers would exclusively utilize Canvas instead of other avenues while only using Canvas as a tool to direct students to other third party programs.

I encourage Canvas to pursue the endeavor of having students answer quiz questions through graphing capabilities.

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I've been using Desmos to make graph images I can embed in my Canvas content pages. I also use the images in quizzes. What is missing from Canvas is an interactive graphing app that the students can use to demonstrate their ability to draft their own graphs. The Graph Builder is a joke. I need something the students can use to place points and draw lines they have generated themselves.