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Many of our fully-online courses (particularly in science and math) require that students draw a diagram or process in their assessments, and when combined with proctoring tools, this becomes a complicated process.  The current workaround is that students download a PDF as a question type within a proctored exam and submit this later as an assignment submission, but there are many technological and time-consuming issues with this process for both students and instructors, including confusion about the numerous steps, printing issues, scanning issues, uploading, file type errors, verifying that students completed the drawing within the time allotted, and others. 


This would be vastly improved and streamlined if instructors could simply create a "drawing" type question directly in Canvas where students would use a mouse or other device to input lines and text that would then be manually graded by the instructor.


It would be a very helpful function to allow instructors to annotate drawing corrections directly on the student's entry when grading.


Note: Quizzes.next currently presents a number of technological issues with our proctoring tools, and instructors have expressed that using a multiple choice question where students would simply recognize the correct drawing from a list is unacceptable for their learning outcomes.


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Right now all of my question banks are in the form of Word docs. If this feature was added I would strongly consider writing and proctoring exams through canvas. (I'm a math teacher)

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This would be a phenomenal addition!  Please make it happen. 

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The need for an on-line pencil is HUGE!!!!!! As a 5th special education teacher math computations are a huge part of the curriculum. Just posting a problem with multiple choice answers does not guarantee that the student correctly solved the problem. For each math problem I need to see how they solved it and where problems are occurring, in order for me to really teach them. In a live classroom we spend hours on this type of practice and it is necessary! Please don't tell me that they can take pictures or scan their work - this in not a option for everyone. I need a way to write a problem (that can't be erased) and my student need an on-line pencil to solve that problem. This is the only way I can be guaranteed that my students can independently add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

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This would be great for use in construction, art, etc - all sorts of content areas. Great idea.

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If this could be implemented quickly then I wouldn't have to go to GoFormative to create simple quizzes and content. Currently our district is required to serve our content from Canvas. It would be nice if it could stay there as well. (Less kids have to learn...to learn)

Canvas can embed short video directly into pages and quizzes. GoFormative can't.

GoFormative has drawing question type. Canvas doesn't.

I wish one of them could get both.



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This would be very helpful for physics and chemistry questions, especially with remote learning.

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YES! We have chromebooks. Integrate Chrome's Canvas app???

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A tool for drawing would be effective for many topics on tests. 

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JFoster105 not sure if your school has it, but I have been using Nearpod to create un-erasable math problems that the students can write over. It's easier that a whiteboard type app. The whole class can respond independently and you can see their calculation. It's time consuming, but what isn't these days. I wish Canvas had a option like that. 

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yes!! This would be so helpful for math class in particular. Please allow an inking feature!!