[New Quizzes] Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

Allow a show/hide date range for the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" quiz setting.

In order to maintain test security, instructors often want to limit students from viewing their quiz results until after the due date for the quiz has passed.  Currently, the correct answers can be set to be shown and hidden on given dates, but students will still be able to see the questions, their responses, incorrect answers, and feedback prior to this date, and if an instructor wants students only to be able to see their results but not correct answers, the only way to do this is to uncheck the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" option then manually go back and enable it once the due date (or other chosen date) has passed.

Please add a date range selector like the one that is there for Let Students See the Correct Answers: 

Screenshot of the quiz settings with date range selector for the Let Students See Their Quiz Results option

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Please have your Institutions vote on this. Send it out to everyone!

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Please, do it! It makes sense! How long will it take for this petition to become a reality? ....months? .....years?....NOW?...please?

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It is very important for students to see their quiz results after the official grading is done.  This is a common teaching process.  We don't want to share answers during the open period time.  We want them to see their answers after the grading time period so that they can study for midterms, finals, and other projects.  It seems like this is impossible in Quizzes.Next. Help.  Vote up please. 

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I have been searching these Canvas guides for HOURS trying to find the proper settings for quizzes. I do not want students to see the correct answers until after the due date, but this feature won't help if the quiz disappears after the "available until" date anyway. 

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Has anyone worked out how to hide test result? I have used the options on the Canvas page Hide Grades and ticked all the boxes but somehow my students can still see the results.


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I'll pile on here.  You really need to reinstate this feature since its omission is simply more work for teachers and a relatively simple fix (I think) since it was included in the original version.

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The New Quizzes seem to have dropped the ability to set up a date and time for showing student responses and correct answers.  It now appears to require manual effort to show and hide that data.  

I tried the new quiz format this semester and my students are hating it because they can't see what they got right or wrong.  The issue is that I'm not going to allow students to see what's right or wrong before the quiz is closed - it just makes cheating that much easier.  With the classic quizzes I could set everything up in advance including specifying a when students would be able to see their responses and the right answers along with when those answers are hidden again.  With the new quiz structure I have to manually remember to go in and open and close everything and with all I have to do to manage my classes this gets missed - a lot.  That frustrates students and it frustrates me as an instructor.  I'd really like to see that capability put back in or give us the option to retain classic quizzes - they worked great.

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Hi @jfirooz

It looks like there's an existing feature idea requesting this update to New Quizzes. I've archived your idea here and would ask you to add your comment/s and kudos to New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

In the meantime, you may be able to use Classic Quizzes in your course. New Quizzes is a course feature option that's likely maintained by your institution. You may be able to turn off New Quizzes in your course settings. (Check this guide for more information about how to do that.) You may also need to reach out to your institution's Canvas admin for help with this. 

Hopefully this helps! 




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I am struggling with the same issue- and have been online for hours with canvas support trying to figure this out-

I have four quizzes set up in four different classes.
I have allowed students to make multiple (2) attempts to take a quiz,
with it set up to give them the incorrect/correct answers after the first attempt so they know what to look for in the course content for the second attempt.

Students would just get "your quiz has been muted"
response after the first and second attempt- no correct/incorrect answers.

Apparently, my having the "Manually Post Grades" setting checked in the "Grade Posting Policy Settings" is the issue.

(I select this because I prefer to release the assignment grades after I am done grading it for the whole class, as most instructors I know do prefer)

Canvas really needs to have a separate setting for "automated" quizzes so that students can see the correct/incorrect answers after multiple attempts. Otherwise, what's the point of having multiple attempts? The quizzes are meant to be formative at the end of module, not summative. 
This is just creating another headache for everyone, student and faculty alike.


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Gauge had this feature, but the guides to this product were removed earlier this year.

Deploy tab in New QuizzesDeploy tab in New Quizzes


Canvas needs to add a Deploy tab when New Quizzes is fully integrated. Changing the settings will pop up the modal below.

Concept of showing/hiding results within a date rangeConcept of showing/hiding results within a date range


In the section Release Results, you can choose whether or not you want the date range to show the correct answers only or all results. The Release Now button is available if you want to release the results early. Results will be hidden once the hide date has passed or the Recall Results button has been pressed.