[New Quizzes] View Feedback Once After Each Attempt

Please include the ability for teachers to select "View Feedback Once After Each Attempt" in New Quizzes! If we lose this feature with New Quizzes, I don't know what we are going to do!

I'm adding this request to others that are asking for customizing how and when students can view Quiz feedback.  Links to similar Idea Conversations:



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I agree.

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Thanks @JFJT 😁

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Yes! Feedback after each attempt is essential. Though I have an related, but different angle. It would be amazing to have feedback after each question answered, and not have to wait until a total submission. 

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'One-time view' is a valuable feature of the classic quiz that has been taken away in the new Canvas version. This feature enables one time viewing of the quiz results by the students immediately after the exam and prevents further access of the exam outside a controlled environment. Good exams take long time and iterations to perfect. This is achieved by looking at the attempt stats of different classes and weeding out questions with poor discriminators and attempt stats. It is not practical to come up with excellent exam questions each time and this one-time view greatly helped with perfecting the quiz. Now this feature is unavailable with the only current options being binary: either not show the results (which requires an impractical dedicated class session to show results in a controlled environment) or completely release the results (thus invalidating any future use of the same quiz). The request is to PLEASE BRING THE 'ONE-TIME QUIZ RESULTS VIEW' INVALUABLE FEATURE BACK. Thank you.

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Add "Let Students See The Correct Answers" to New Quizzes.


This option is available in Old/Original quizzes but not within the New Quiz options. 


My students take quizzes at different times and I do not want them going back into the quiz to share questions/answers.

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Please this is something we need with New Quizzes. I have faculty asking me about it and this would be very helpful.

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Problem statement:

In the Classical Quizzes, there is a feature that was used regularly by most of the teachers at my school: View quiz results once. This is a powerful teaching tool because even the most apathetic students will always review what they got wrong and what the right answer was. It is a great teacher tool to reinforce learning. Studies show that immediate feedback is a powerful motivator. The beauty was that once they got out of the quiz results, they could not go back in to share answers with anyone else. Please, please, reinstate this option into New Quizzes. It's one of the best features that Canvas has.

Proposed solution:

Please, please, reinstate this option into New Quizzes. It was one of the best features that Canvas has. New Quizzes does not have this option. I tried different things to work with this. For the students to have the quizzes and answers available all the time on the iPad is a problem. Thank you for considering this.

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