[Notifications] Automatic Notification for changes in course enrollment status

Would it be possible to add a notification option for changes in course enrollment? Simply utilizing the current notification process, but with an additional option. Thus the course owner can be notified (according to their selections and chosen frequency) of dropped or added (or inactive) students, addition of TA`s, observers etc..


This would make course management for large classes, especially those that also meet and are active outside of the canvas environment, much simpler and more efficient.

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There should be a standard Canvas notification, distributed to "Teacher" roles in a course when the roster changes as a result of SIS synchronization. This would allow instructors to specify whether they'd like to be notified individually, or as a weekly digest.

This is especially a problem for groups. Group leaders who have dropped the course will silently disappear from the group roster, but will persist in being listed as the leader when looking at People -> Groups.

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This would be great!  Many of our noncredit faculty have requested this feature. 

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This would be a superb feature for our faculty too. We have been receiving requests that this is important for teachers to know.

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It would be extremely helpful if Canvas notified the instructor via email or some other notification in Canvas that a student has added or dropped from a course. I regularly have students who add to a course late and do not contact me when they do. They do not automatically start looking at the Canvas course materials and get to work or ask questions. If I am notified that a student has added, I can contact them and remind them that assignments are due and what they should do to prepare for the next class session.

When students drop from the course, it is also a surprise. If they were part of a group assignment, I am not aware of their status until one of the group members says "Hey, Professor. Soandso is not responding to emails about our project."

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