Organize Assignment Page into Grading Periods

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Have a drop-down menu in the assignments page where teachers can filter the assignments shown by grading period.


For teachers with many assignments, the assignment page can get cluttered very quickly. I understand this is a very specific request, but for those schools that use grading periods, the gradebook is already organized by grading period. I think it would make sense to have the assignment page organized in the same way, with each grading period listed in a drop-down menu as well as an "All grading periods" option for those who want to see all assignments in one page.



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Filter by Grading Period


Hi Kevin,

Currently the Assignments view can be visually organized into assignment groups with teachers being able to drag and drop assignments from one group to another.  Are you proposing a similar view for grading periods or would you rather see an option to filter the entire screen by grading period?

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My thought is to see the entire assignment screen filtered by grading period like it is in the gradebook. I could choose to see all assignments or only the assignments for a given grading period. I assume the assignment groups would be the same for each grading period, but reading other posts in the community makes me think that some schools would like the flexibility of changing the assignment categories each grading period as well. See" modifiedtitle="true" title="Allow admins to control when grades lock in concluded grading periods


Good to know, Kevin.  That is pretty close to what I was envisioning too.

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We support this feature request too.  Thank you Kevin for adding it.  Our high school is on its 1st year of Canvas / blended learning and we use Multiple Grading Periods in our courses (whether year long (1.0) or semester long (.5) we have a Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4).  This "need" is now surfacing here as our Teachers' Assignment list is getting long (most use groups, some do not).  The volume of assignments, quizzes, graded discussions to scroll through is the problem.  Looking now at one Teacher, she has 48 items in the list for her yearlong course and we are now midway through Q2 with Q3 and Q4 left to go.  Using the same MGP filter code from the gradebook for the Assignments View makes real good sense here and would solve this problem.

Scott, even though this is a feature request, can the same persons(s) who worked on the MGP bug fix and Grades Total Scores MGP filter (from Grades Icon/Global Menu) get involved here (if not already)?  As the code controls the visibility of the gradebook items & Totals based on due date within grading period, it should work well here too.  I am just wondering about assignment items here without a Due Date.  Presently the code defaults items to the last grading period because it doesn't yet know what to do without a due date: .  Until there is a resolution on this default behavior (or if none), then we still would be ok.  We will regularly remind our Teachers of the value of adding the Due Date to ensure items are in the proper grading period.  Please let us know.  Thanks

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It would be GREAT if the assignments were arranged where the most recent assignment is at the top of the Assignment page and if it appeared "left most" on the Grade page AND move the percentages to the left.  Scrolling to the right each time is just a PAIN.  Add a button at the top that can bring me from one class to the next without accessing a drop down menu!!!!

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This is a great idea.  I had gone in to add it myself, but found that you have already added it.  I work in a K12 and dozen of teachers have been asking for this as the assignment page will get extremely cluttered over the course of a year.

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This would be so helpful!

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While organizing the assignment page into grading periods would be very helpful to teachers of full year courses, there should still remain an option to view by semester. I don't mean these two options (by quarter or as is now). There should be three options: by quarter, by semester, and "as is now-running total view".


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this is a great idea - assignments should be delineated by quarter within the grading categories, so the previous quarter's assignments can be hidden.  I had 30 assignments first quarter.  Imagine how long the list of assignments will be by June!