Please Move the "Done" Marker to the Bottom of the Page

Whereas students need to read through an entire page before they can mark it as "Done;" and whereas the "Done" marking is currently posted at the top of that page, but not all pages. I propose that the "Done" marker be moved to the bottom of the pages which need to be marked as "Done." 

Unfortunately, I have missed marking a few of these "Done" buttons because I have failed to scroll back up to the top when I have completed a reading while at the same time there have been instances where I have scrolled back up and there hasn't been a "Done" marker. This has been a minor annoyance. While it is a minor annoyance, it is also a fairly consistent annoyance which in turn makes it more annoying.  In my mind, this could be completely remedied by simply moving the button down to the bottom of the page.  If it *is* that simple, I ask that you please consider this change. Thank you.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please refer to the comment from our product team here.

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I had the same idea and came here to search for it specifically before suggesting it. This is especially needed for pages that are long. From a user stand point, the "Mark as Done" button should be located where the "Next" button is. Ideally, once the "Mark as Done" button is clicked, it should disappear and the "Next" button should replace it. As of now, if the next page requires the previous page to be marked as done you have to go back to the previous page to mark it as completed before being able to see the content. From a LEAN Six Sigma perspective this is very wasteful!

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YES. Please - a million times, this. 

It is counter-intuitive for students to review the material on the Page or Assignment but have to scroll BACK up to the top to submit or mark progress before moving forward. Sometimes they "Mark as Done" before reading or watching the content, which encourages them to skip the information.

The action buttons should be located below the page content -- similar to the "Reply" feature for Discussions and the "Next" button on Pages. I would love it if the "Next" button was visible only after the "Mark as Done" button has been clicked!

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Agreed. The only benefit to having it at the top of the page is that a student can see that it is "done" when the click on the page. It seems like there could be a "In Progress" or "Done" marker at the top of the page BUT the actual "Mark done" button should be on the bottom of the page for the reasons listed above.


I agree 100% on this.

This is the current experience:

  • Arrive to a page and don't see the Mark as Done at the top right, because when we start reading, we start from the Header on the left, and the Header is below eye level of Mark as Done.
  • Read the entire page.
  • At the bottom of the page you click Next.
  • When you arrive at the next page it's restricted because you did not click Mark as Done.
  • Click the Previous button.
  • Click Mark as Done
  • Then scroll ALLLLLLLL the way to the bottom again to click the Next button.


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Moving the "marked as done" to the bottom of the page is the logical place for instructional design navigation. One of the chapters I teach in my edtech course is all about using universal placements when creating platforms and apps. This concept is definitely appropriate for natural navigation. The current placement is unnatural to the way we read and respond to the course modules. 

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It would be great if the  Mark as done button for a page was at the bottom of the page so that you can read the page and check the box with out having to scroll back up! This also allows easier use of the next button. 


It seems very logical to move this to the bottom of the page. Instead of having to scroll back to the top to mark as done before moving on. 

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Can the Mark as done button be moved to the bottom of a page?  I've missed the button because I get to the bottom of the page and click Next and don't realize there's a button at the top.

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Yes, this is not only a user experience issue but also one of accessibility. A learner should not have to hunt around to mark something as done. It should be a logical and intuitive flow, and the location of this button is definitely not in line with this.

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Agree 100% for all the reasons already stated.

Currently location in upper right hand corner prompts bad behavior -- mark as done, scroll down, and go to next, all without reading the page.