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Frequently I use Quizizz in the classroom for fun assignments and competitions, and let's be honest, the memes! Students LOVE quizizz because it feels like a game, and I love to give them what they want!


I would love for this to integrate with Canvas to allow me to assign a game to a certain canvas course, and for the results to link back to the Canvas gradebook to make it easier on the teacher to tally, communicate the grades, and provide feedback for the students through speedgrader. It would also be nice for the students, because they can access and complete the Quizizz game without ever leaving Canvas. 


Quizizz already links with google classroom and provides full reports for teachers, so it seems like it would be something fairly simple to incorporate. 

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Yes please.  Integration is a must in this day and age.  I am steering away from any program that doesn't integrate with canvas.  This is so I am not having to grade in multiple places.  Having the integration would be a game changer.

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I'm right there with you! What do we need to do to get this integrated?


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I enjoyed being able to assign the Quizziz assignments to my integrated google classrooms and the  grades automatically being place in the google classroom grade book.  Is there a Canvas and Quizziz LTI under consideration?  My school district has transitioned from Google Classroom to Canvas.  I would hate to have to recreate all of the Quizizz that I created over the last three years for the 4 courses that I teach.



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I can't use google classroom anymore. My district has said that every teacher use canvas. I actually really like canvas, but I love to use Quizziz and I love that the kids knew their score was being recorded straight into the gradebook! Please integrate with canvas so I can do this same thing with canvas. PLEASE!! 

I love quizziz because it is so easy to do while virtual learning and the kids love it because it feels like a game, even though it is a great content review and test prep!

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Quizizz.com has the most social justice platform for online quiz and flashcards etc...We all have diverse students and Kahoot for the longest time makes no accommodations to remove their timer.    Kahoot is harmful to many students who are made to feel a variety of negative feelings because other kids score higher due to speed rather than depth of learning or reflection.  

Please folks at Instructure, reach out to the coders at QUIZIZZ  dot com and make an LTI connection between the two platforms.

Right now there is a link between GoogleClassroom and QUIZIZZ but that has bugs, so I avoided it and had students use the "Google Button" for sign on.  This added a  unique feature not in Classroom. If the student had a power failure in a quiz or flash cards, they could resume and pause.  Same for extended time when class ended by the bell or end of a live zoom session, pause and resume work so well on QUIZIZZ...   The "homework"   as they call in in QUIZIZZ

So please make the LTI happen.  And please make it so that PAUSE/RESUME work just as well as it works when  students go to QUIZizz and use the "google " button to logon and authenticate.   

That system allows kids to list 3 favorite courses and then take my own material, but public material inside the safe confines of quizizz.  That system also helps students see a history of scores and past quiz attempts.  

It also shows future quiz attempts headed their way.


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Hola! I work for a little company that helps companies like Quizizz integration with LMSs (like Canvas!).

I'm going to try to say this without sounding like a infomercial, hah, bare with me here... 

My mom taught high school english for 48 years. She used to spend so much time entering grades into the gradebook. So when my business partner came up with the idea for the integration we've written, it was a no-brainer to me! No copy+pasting grades, or uploading excel sheets/manually inputting class rosters? Sign me (well, really her) up!

I was Googling Quizizz + LMS integration, and landed here. I hate to "market" in a place like this, but if you've got an curriculum or education platform, like Quizizz in this case, that you need to integrate (sign on, grade passback, assignment passback, and rostering(!!!)) with Canvas, Google Classroom, or really any other LMS, we can do it for them, for you, in as little as 2 business days. 

We're a small team (3 people, believe it or not!) in Austin, Texas, but over 400 school districts and 4 million people at K12 schools use our integration. We're quite proud of what we've built! And you guys commenting here, this stuff, really validates that pride. 

I obviously have a biased opinion, heh. Cause I helped build the integration. 

So in short, @caren_garza@Ahess2@jrowe@Deannamc@Captain_C, I can email the Quizizz team and tell them you guys want this integration. Would that be helpful? Maybe you'd like to see how the integration works? Let me know! 

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Hola...hello and paging  @Amanda_Edlink   

yes, please contact the people at quizizz.com   Let's say you help them write an LTI over 2 days and it costs $4,000 flat fee. I'd pay $100 of my own teacher money for a go fund me on that. And I bet the Quizizz staff would send out an email and get that fully funded.  

yes, everything in our system of capitalism sounds a bit like marketing

Heck if we are forced to fund our friends cancer treatment on go fund me, why stop there. We can do this!   Yes we can.    Stronger together.    

Sending love from Portland Oregon where the air is toxic and a great warning about air in the year 2030 globally.  The earth is speaking.  are we listening...?  

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@HighEyeQA that's very generous, and committed of you to offer. I'll reserve that card for a rainy day - even if it were to cost Quizizz $4,000 upfront for us to integrate them (which it won't), that's loads less than it would cost them to build it themselves (not even accounting for ongoing maintenance and updates). I'm hopeful I can make a decent case without them attempting to pass any costs on to you all. 

Oh man. I'll keep you all in my thoughts. I hope your family and friends are all safe/well. As though 2020 hasn't been difficult enough hah! 

Did you want to connect IRL? Via email or phone? My email is amanda@ed.link, if you feel inclined. Having the written support of a couple teachers would certainly help the case I'll make. 

Also, update: I scheduled a call with one of the cofounders, Deepak Joy Cheenath. Was supposed to happen this morning, but he moved the call to next week. I only had to mention that you folks had been inquiring about it here, and he agreed to meet. So I'd say that's a good sign, eh? *fingers crossed*

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Just chiming in to see if there's any updates or if the meeting happened! I've been looking for answers to this connection problem, and this is the only board where there was some hope of progress!

I'm a huge fan of Quizizz, but my school district blocked Google classroom this year and Canvas is mandatory. I cannot keep up with late work, missed assignments and last minute improvements with all my students. Students are getting left behind and I'm looking for other options. I love Quizizz, but if I can't get the grades to autopopulate into Canvas, it's too much of a headache.

Hopefully things are starting to move in the right direction and we can see a Quizizz Integration soon!


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Integrate, please.