Recurring Activity Option for Calendar

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The calendar application is great! When I learned about it, it made it much easier to view all of my upcoming assignments. As part of my assignment for the calendar tutorial I had to add events.


I found it a bit time consuming to enter the same event on multiple days. I think it would be more efficient if there was a "recurring" option when entering events. Also if the calendar was able to link to Google's calendar that would be ideal too!


Given that many of today's smartphones are equipped with Google it would be easy to view our canvas calendar events on our google events all at once.

Just some ideas Thanks!



  Comments from Instructure...

"Batch Event Creator" has been released in Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-09-08)


October 2015 Update

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback to assist us in processing this idea.  The consensus is that the "Recurring Events" feature meets a majority of needs (40%-meets my needs, 60%-partially meets my needs, 0%-does not meet my needs).


We are going to mark this feature as complete.  If you are seeking additional advancements to the calendar, please begin by searching the Canvas Feature Ideas for ideas that have already been submitted.  Don't see what you are looking for?  New ideas can be submitted via a new feature idea.

Community Explorer

I see that the Calendar can be added to Outlook, but can the Scheduler? It would be nice if those appointments fed to an Outlook calendar as well and were updated when students chose those spots.

It seems that when a student makes an appointment, it feeds to the calendar, but may need to be refreshed... However, the appoint just says student appointment (what I named the group) and doesn't include the student's name. It would be helpful if that also included the student's name, so I know who I'm meeting with by just looking at my Outlook calendar and not having to go back into to the scheduler.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

This a very frequent request from teachers in the K12 space. This will save a lot of time and hassle working with the calendar.

Community Novice

Agreed, this would make use of the calendar WAY more efficient.

Community Novice

Our university offers both courses that meet weekly and courses that meet occasionally for a seminar with the rest of the course online. Therefore I try to post all the in-person meetings in the calendar. Having recurring appointments would make it so much easier to post all the meetings of, say, a 10-week course, or a course that meets for a 3-day seminar followed by online.

So yes, repeating events, please!


Please please please add this feature.  Recurring events are critical for teachers who have to post things like office hours or other important dates that happen a lot.

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This would be so helpful! I add our official College Calendar to Canvas and have a *lot* of recurring events (Spring Break, Winter Break, Final Exam Week, etc.), and it would save so much time if there was a "Recurrence" option!

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Recurring calendar events like class meetings would be highly valuable. 13 Tuesday class events at 10 am shouldn't need 13 calendar event entries. Thanks for considering this.

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Please do this with Scheduler too! I should be able to set up my office hours for one week and the duplicate throughout.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Thank you for your feedback. We have a developer that is currently working on this feature, and you should see something deploy to beta in the next couple of releases. We are excited to finally roll out this feature!



I need the ability to sync Canvas calendar with my Google calendar. I live and work within Canvas and Google and would love to see and use these great tools simultaneously. It would be a Maverick-Goose relationship.