[Rubrics] Edit or Delete Saved Comments

If you make an error in typing a comment while using a rubric and then save it, there is no way to correct it later. It's possible to save a new, corrected comment, but then you have to check each time to make sure you are selecting the correct one. Either the ability to edit OR delete the unwanted comment will solve this problem. 

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In support of this idea, I want to encourage fellow instructors to use rubrics for grading. I use Comments instead of Ratings in new rubrics as I'm working through the design of the assignment and rubric. Ratings for a rubric being much more difficult to identify than Criteria. Adding view capability along with edit/delete capabilities will increase the utility and useability of rubrics as instructors are developing effective rubrics.

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Agree! I find that using the rubrics helps clarify for my students the relationship between what I put in the assignment directions and the grades assigned. The ability to edit/delete comments would increase the usefulness of these rubrics.

Pamela H. Breedlove, Ed.D.


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Definitely in support of this idea! Right now, I have to maintain my rubric free-form comments in Excel, then carefully copy-paste them into rubrics. As long as the comments don't change much, it's OK, but if something has to be edited, deleted, or corrected, it's a rework nightmare.

James Jones worked up a nifty tool to import the "other" type of rubrics from a carefully formatted Excel file into Canvas rubric, but as I recall it's not for free-form rubric comments. It would be great to either have native Canvas support for this, or else perhaps an equivalent Excel tool for this.

Being able to rapidly iterate on rubrics and standard feedback would be a HUGE teaching and productivity benefit !

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This is a necessary feature. We need to be able to edit the saved comments so that we don't accidentally perpetuate errors.

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It's crazy that you can edit everything else but this. Please add this feature.

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Thanks for the comments-- I am in favor of having the option to edit and deleted saved comments.  Our course shell rolled over and I made a few changes to the rubric, yet all the prior saved comments are still there and no longer apply. 

Please give us this feature. 

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As noted, when implementing this feature (it really is a must-have!), please consider capability to do bulk uploads, such as from a text file, a formatted Excel file, or similar. By-hand capability will be helpful, but also doing this en masse from an outside source would really let this feature shine. Huge grading productivity benefit. 

Every semester, I have improvements I want to make to my accumulated rubric notes, but I have to balance that against the significant rework effort needed in Canvas, and usually can't justify it, which just seems incredibly wrong!

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Hi Robert - I know what you are talking about. For the time being, I have a separate notes document on my computer where I store rubric comments for later. - Adam

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Hi Adam:

Yes!!! I do the same thing on my end! I have Excel files where I store and maintain my rubrics and all their free-form rubric comments. If I want to change or improve anything, I first need to do a cost-benefit analysis in my head whether the copy-paste effort is worth it, since ENTIRE rubric items and ALL its free-form comments have to be recreated from scratch. Usually it isn't, not for one or two things. So my rubrics continue on with minor typos, or can never be as good as I want them to be.

It's crazy that there is no native support in Canvas for maintaining free-format rubric comments. If you haven't already done so, please upvote this feature, and encourage your colleagues to do likewise. This would be a huge grading efficiency improvement in Canvas rubrics.

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Just the ability to delete comments would be enough, as one can copy text and edit elsewhere.