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Problem statement:

I am a high school teacher and I need to sync grades every quarter multiple times to Focus. When I go to sync grades it syncs the whole year. I have a round thirty grades per quarter and by the fourth quarter that is 90 boxes to unclick on grade sync that I don't want to sync (so I don't unclick any to save time). I would like to be able to change the late percentages by quarter so that it doesn't affect the other quarters grades. I usually do quarter 1 2%, quarter 2 3%, Quarter 3 4% and quarter 4 5% late percentages and that affects all marking periods.

Proposed solution:

Can a marking period filter be added to grade sync so that it only clicks the work for that marking period and then sync the grades. Can a marking period filter be added to late policy's setting to only affect that quarter.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Will Not Consider

Hi @robromano628 -

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the Instructure Community. Because your proposal includes multiple requests, it is being moved to the Will Not Consider status. Having one idea per thread helps Community members engage in conversation and our Product Team identify potential projects. We appreciate your understanding!

You are welcome to split the requests into two separate threads, and they'll then move forward in the Ideas & Themes process.