[SpeedGrader] Share Speedgrader Comment Library Across Graders

The new Speedgrader Assignment Comment Library feature is great but it would be even more helpful if multiple graders could make use of a comments library or if comments libraries could be shared.

One of the most useful things about a Speedgrader comment library is to standardize grading across courses with multiple instructors or TAs. By making comments shareable, instructors can ensure that their TAs have access to effective written feedback and that their students will receive consistent assignment feedback, no matter who the grader is. This is especially useful in situations where TAs are very new or inexperienced.

Assignment libraries are also good ways to guide TAs in effective grading practices. Ideally, once TAs have seen effective feedback from instructors, they can begin to add to the shared course comments library themselves. 


Sharing comment libraries between teachers and even creating a way to load comment libraries at the institution level would be a valuable tool. 

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This is a must! When we have classes that continue to grow with TAs/graders as instructors we need to be able to create comments and share them with them easily. This is a no brainer!

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Many of our teaching staff have used QuickMarks in TurnItIn and rate being able to share their comment banks as an essential function. Please consider this functionality as a critical element.

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As our Conveners discover the Comment Library, they are immediately delighted (as was I). First thing they try to do is share their comments with their TAs and tutors. When they discover they can't do that they revert to their earlier workarounds.

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