[SpeedGrader] SpeedGrader should open pdfs in DocViewer for New Quizzes

When students submit their work as pdf documents for quizzes, then the instructor need to download the pdfs for grading. When students submit their work as pdf documents for assignments, then DocViewer will open them for grading and commenting, which makes grading easier. I just want the same feature for quizzes.

Hence please add the following functionality:

SpeedGreader should open pdfs in DocViewer for grading quizzes.

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Absolutely - this feature needs to be implemented _pronto_. It's been needed for ages - and it's bordering on nuts that when New Quizzes was implemented, that it didn't align with Assignments.  The lack of this capability hurts hugely in multi-section, large-enrollment courses (e.g., the Physics instructors and TA's whom I support and who are continuing to make things work while we're still in pandemic-mode). 

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I frequently assign handwritten problems that students scan as PDFs and upload to Canvas.  When I do this as part of an "Assignment," I have access to lovely features in SpeedGrader.  I can type or handwrite comments directly to students on top of their work, the same way I would with a paper submission.  But if I assign a file upload question as part of a "Quiz," then SpeedGrader gives me almost no tools for delivering feedback.  

It is very frustrating!  It seems like the programmers went out of their way to make SpeedGrader less functional for quizzes.  I just want the same features on Quizzes as I have on Assignments.  We have resorted to a very klugey workaround during the Pandemic where an exam consists of a combination of Quizzes that are autograded and file upload "Assignments" where students do work by hand and upload it.  This is very clunky.  It seems like it would be very simple to have a streamlined process with a single Quiz with some file upload questions that could be graded with the full features of SpeedGrader.  

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For Quiz File Upload and Essay questions, enable the file preview and Speed Grader annotation features.  This will allow for a more efficient, inline grading experience for the instructors.  

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We're running into the same problem at our institution, specifically for math an science courses. Especially for quizzes where showing your work is required and handwritten work is submitted via PDF, it is very important to allow these submissions to be previewed and annotated in Speedgrader!

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It would be nice if the quizzes in Canvas can be displayed and annotated/graded in speed grader (like the assignments can be). Right now, the set-up appears to force to either use multiple choice or to download the pdfs first, and this is not useful for folks who have free-response quizzes. Since this option exists for assignments, it would seem that this should be easy to implement.

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Yes please! It's our first semester on Canvas and I just found out the hard way docviewer doesn't work on quizzes. This seems like such an obviously needed feature for any assignment that has a document upload option. Please fix!

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Agreed 100%!  This was somehow missed from the initial design/requirements, it's not a feature request/enhancement, it's just needed (always was).

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This functionality would certainly be appreciated and make the grading process easier.

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It would be so helpful to be able to grade uploaded quiz answers with speedgrader and a rubric. Guess I'm stuck with creating a part 1 and part 2 quiz, with the written portion as a separate assignment. No time controls on the written "assignment" submittal which will then require manual checking of submission times. Plus the grade book is already a mess. Was really hopeful that Canvas would be better than D2L in this regard. Sigh.

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Agreed to this request, and also looking for student annotation uploads in New Quizzes.