[SpeedGrader] SpeedGrader should open pdfs in DocViewer for New Quizzes

When students submit their work as pdf documents for quizzes, then the instructor need to download the pdfs for grading. When students submit their work as pdf documents for assignments, then DocViewer will open them for grading and commenting, which makes grading easier. I just want the same feature for quizzes.

Hence please add the following functionality:

SpeedGreader should open pdfs in DocViewer for grading quizzes.

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Thanks for sharing this idea,  @latecki  Welcome to the Canvas Community! You might also be interested in this related idea: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/16179-new-quizzes-allow-annotated-feedback-in-speedgrader-for-... 

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Why this is not already in place baffles me. A file upload question is a much better way for students to show their work for free response questions, rather than having to learn the quirks of the Canvas editor. We have the students write out their work and take a picture with their camera for upload. They have enough pressure just trying to answer the question. We have also looked at using the "embed image" tool in the editor but this is also fussy to implement (but at least it shows in the SpeedGrader). Hopefully, unlike the "embed image" tool, the Canvas coders can keep the orientation of the original uploaded image rather than rotating everything to lansdacape (so graders have to rotate their laptops to view).

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yes please!!  This would solve a dilemma we are having with online Math exams. Faculty have them submit copies of their handwritten work and then have a hard time grading.

Thank you!


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This is an excellent suggestion and should be added ASAP.

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Well it took me all day to figure out that canvas does not give the preview on quizzes. This is a necessity for math and physics teachers. Please fix this problem ASAP.

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Baffles me as well. I think this would be a wonderful idea.

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I think we would all like quiz uploads to work the same way as assignment uploads: preview, marking on them with a stylus, etc.

This seems like a mandatory feature for STEM classes - we need to be able to glance at handwritten work for multiple problems and have other problems auto-graded. It is so strange that they implemented the feature for assignments but not quizzes... Any time we can save grading is time we can help our students in other ways - having to download individual files to view them is too slow. Multiple file down loads per assignment times the number of students easily adds up to hundreds of file downloads a week.

I would add that grading single file upload assignments on an iPad or tablet is a dream - no clicking, just grade them, add notations if you want, and swipe to the next. Quiz uploads should work like that as well.

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This would be an extremely useful feature!

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This would save me hours and is a "no duh!" feature that needs to be added. Thanks!

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Yes! Please Please Please make this available. I'm sure there is some technical reason that you can view pdf submissions on assignments but not quizzes, but please develop a workaround! Testing math via multiple choice is a bad idea. A student that made a small sign error should score better than a student that doesn't have a clue and this can only be determined by being able to review their work.