Speedgrader as a function of the iPhone app

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I'd like to see Speedgrader incorporated into the Canvas iPhone app (or, at the very least, the development of a Speedgrader app for iPhone).


I'm frequently in a situation where the only device I have access to is my iPhone and have assignments of the sort that could be easily graded with SpeedGrader.


Having that functionality would allow me to use that time productively and allow me to use the time I have at other devices like my lap or desktop for more complex tasks.

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It's seems a bit crazy to me that this idea has to go through a voting process.  Speedgrader exists for android and iPad.  why is the iPhone inferior?

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i missed voting on this but seriously, how is this not already a thing?

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Can someone explain to me why grading assignments or quizzes is not available on the iPhone App. This app is absolutely useless. All it does is simply notify me of any changes during the course such as assignments being turned in or quizzes being completed. Oh, it does create a "to do list" for you. This app only functions as a glorified email program. 

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I agree.  The iphone app is just silly. 


I must admit, I am very surprised that more people are not requesting this.  iphone application #speedgrader ios

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I had speedgrader on my previous android phone and loved it. Very surprised it wasn't available on my iPhone when I got it. It's usually the android devices that are deprived of all the good things.

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Making SpeedGrader available on the iPhone/iPad app would be extremely beneficial for teachers to use outside of the classroom.  This would also enable teachers to have access to grading without being tied down to a laptop or desktop for grading. Thank you Santiago for posting this idea.  @Renee_Carney , you mentioned earlier that this did not meet a 100-vote requirement earlier. Is there another way we are able to push this development?