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Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0

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Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 is Here!

▶ Make a copy of the Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 (shared as an easy-to-copy preview via Google Docs) so you can customize it for your institution. Note: We ask that you comply with the Creative Commons licensing located at the bottom of the document. 

A few months ago, it came to my attention that the original Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist had been reviewed in the International Review of Research in Open & Distributed Learning journal. I was thrilled to discover the checklist had received that type of attention. Additionally, it opened the door to an excellent opportunity to collaborate with one of the authors, Sally Baldwin, implement her suggestions, and make some overall improvements. 


The purpose of the Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist is to support the majority of Canvas course creators as they strive to elevate the quality of their Canvas courses. What are the strengths of the checklist? The checklist is designed to support a variety of course creators (instructional designers, K12 teachers, higher ed faculty, etc.) in diverse settings (brick and mortar, hybrid, fully online, etc.) as they create Canvas courses for learners of all ages. As we say, “Our mission is to enable the learning and development experience — from the first day of school to the last day of work.” The checklist doesn’t require any formal training to use and is helpful whether you’re starting a course from scratch or evaluating a more mature course. It’s short — four pages! In no way is this tool meant to compete with or replace proprietary evaluations. Rather, this free tool serves as a great starting point for institutions to make a copy and customize it to meet their individualized needs. That’s why we put it in the Canvas Community — to encourage conversation amongst Canvas users and create a space for ongoing dialogue. 

Potential Uses

  • Share this checklist with your colleagues
  • Apply the principles to your own course
  • Elevate the quality of your institution’s courses


checklist preview

Please comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

P.S. Look for a blog post next quarter that will share hands-on, researched-based principles that will elevate your courses to a whole new level. 


Some other useful checklists in the community:

Community Participant

Thanks team for making this revision to this super important tool!  @erin_keefe_1 ‌ Deactivated user‌  @deonne_johnson ‌  @tom_gibbons  and  @mlattke ‌ are the dream team! 

I think the power of this tool lies in the how you can help transform Courses throughout your district/institution as you use this as a roadmap for design (and instructional) success. I have seen some K12 districts use this as an accountability measure when auditing courses. However, it has really great intrinsic power when used as an expectation for how courses should be planned, designed, and executed. 

What are some ways that you plan to use the 2.0 version of the Course Evaluation Checklist? 

Community Member

It has been a great experience for me . I have learne alot from this course. Thank you 

Community Member

This has good information. I will have to play around with it. I haven't used Canvas recently.

Community Member

Just learning how to use Canvas. It has a lot of important information for how to plan and implement courses for students.

Community Participant

Just revisited this useful document in preparation for the forthcoming semester at our institution and found that the link above taking you to the file on Google Docs now returns:

Couldn't preview file. You may be offline [I'm not] or with limited connectivity [ditto]. Try downloading instead [there's no option to do this]

Has this document moved? If so, where to? If not, I cannot see it (and neither can colleagues - we liked the document so much we linked to it from our in-house Canvas support materials, and someone has just pointed out to me that our link to it is not working anymore).


Steve Boulton
Learning Technology and Design Specialist, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

Community Member

Wonderful videos for anyone new to canvas.


Hi, @steven_boulton. I checked the link in an incognito browser window, and I didn't experience any issues. The error message makes me think it may have had to do with your internet connection. I notice you submitted this comment on 8/2. Are you still having issues with accessing the link as of today? 

Community Participant

@kimberly_ellis Thanks for the update. My access to the file is now fixed, which confuses me as it definitely wasn't working before, otherwise I wouldn't have reported it. The broken link was reported to me by a member of academic staff here at our institution, so it wasn't just me it wasn't working for. Anyway, it's fine now and life's too short retrospectively to solve IT issues that aren't a problem anymore. Thanks for your help 🙂