Inclusive Design for Accessibility

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Hi All, just uploading another resource that we have developed here at the University of Auckland and are provided with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license so you can remix to suit. We are two years in from migrating to Canvas and one of the ongoing issues we encounter is that our academic staff do not design courses that are truly accessible or inclusive. Unlike some other countries, New Zealand does not currently have any accessibility legislation (like the American ADA laws). Therefore, most of our teaching staff are simply unaware how basic design decisions they make when creating their courses can lead to content being inaccessible to some of our students. The teaching staff are responsible for the development, design and delivery of their courses AND there are not enough learning designers at Auckland to provide any kind of quality oversight or institute any compliance processes. We are embarking on an education campaign and have developed a basic document that highlights the issues, a marketing poster for capturing the attention of teaching staff, and a Canvas course that can be used in support of a variety of professional development approaches. I've uploaded the marketing poster in case this might be of use to you in your organisation/university. There is PDF version for viewing the graphic and the Adobe InDesign files in case you want to tweak it for your needs. This graphic is a revised version of one created by  @danny_liu ‌ at the University of Sydney.  As always, happy for any thoughts and feedback.  

Contributors to the Auckland poster include ar.chung‌, f.spence‌,  @s_eberhard ‌, st.reid‌, l.petersen‌,  @s_tickner ‌,  @o_murdoch ‌ and others.