Resources for Hex Colors

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With the new calendar feature I thought it would be good to create a list of great resources for finding or creating your own hex colors to use with the calendar.

What is Hex Color?

From the Wikipedia it states:

A hex triplet is a six-digit, three-byte hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent colors. The bytes represent the red, green and blue components of the colour. One byte represents a number in the range 00 to FF (in hexadecimal notation), or 0 to 255 in decimal notation.

How Do I Create or Find a Hex Color?

There are several great web services that allow you to create your own hex colors or find ones that others have created. In the example below I am using Adobe Color (formerly Kuler). Adobe Color allows users to create color palettes by using the color wheel. What you want to look for is the hex number for the color. Copy that and then go to Canvas and paste it in the option to set the color for a course in the calendar.


Some Other Color Resources