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Using Prerequisites and Requirements

Hi Canvas Community,

I'm creating a guide to using Prerequisites and Requirements in Canvas courses, and I'm looking for tips, best practices, gotchas, limitations, and innovative ways you've used Prerequisites and Requirements in your courses. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it!

To start the conversation, I'll describe one way I've used Requirements:

I have a training course that participants complete over a period of months. We received feedback that participants couldn't remember where they left off in the training each time they returned to it. We didn't want to restrict the order in which participants reviewed the materials, but we did want them to, by the end of the training, complete everything, and we wanted to give them a way to track their progress. So, we used Requirements. The great thing about Requirements is, once each one is completed, a green check mark indicates that the Requirement is complete. We required that all pages are viewed and all assignments are submitted, but we didn't use Prerequisites because it didn't matter the order in which the materials were consumed.

Requirements allowed participants to track their own progress without locking the course down.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @nedwards7 , this guide explains what you need to do - 

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Thank you for your answer but is there a way to have an assignment or quiz

not open until a requirement is done elsewhere in the module?



On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 6:38 AM, <>

Community Coach
Community Coach

Within the same module you would either need to have students do things in order (this is a checkbox option when setting up prerequisites and requirements) and have the quiz after the thing you want them to do first. Or, depending on what you want students to have to do first, possibly use a mastery path -‌.

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Where is the file?

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Can you please relink the file?  It cannot be viewed in the viewer, and when downloaded, there is an error "Failed - No file." 

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Thank you for your Guide--it answered my question.

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In encourage faculty to use the prereqs and locking so that students must review the getting started module that includes Canvas getting started guides, class policies, standard university policies that they need to be aware of, and a single-item syllabus affirmation "quiz" (stating that they have read, understood and/or asked questions until things were clear) before unlocking the remainder of the class modules.

Awesome idea! Thank you for sharing

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Can you have the assignment within the module close if its a prerequisites of a new module?