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What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI?

I am working with our math faculty to develop online courses, and want to know the experiences and possible tips/tricks/troubleshooting that anyone can share regarding Pearson MyLab products. We are using the Math Lab.

Do your instructors use the Canvas page to take quizzes, view resources, etc. - or - do you put the content into your course separately?

Just looking for some advice, experiences, etc.

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You posted this over a month ago so you may have a solution. However, I recently encountered this problem and identified the cause (at least for us). It doesn't appear to be documented in their guides but this tool depends on the instructor having the LTI add and edit permission in Canvas. If an instructor has that permission, the first time they launch the LTI in their Canvas course Pearson will generate about 10 additional LTI configurations. Pearson creates the new integrations with the instructor's API token (instructors authorize Pearson access to their account the first time they open it).

If, like us, your course roles aren't allowed to add or edit LTIs the new integrations will not be created on launch. Everything will appear to work fine until a user tries to open a synced assignment with a deep link.

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Hello Deborah,

Did you ever find a solution for this?