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User Summary: Canvas Instructors (2021-10-16)

Find your school's Canvas URL

To find your school or institution's Canvas URL, begin typing the name of your school/institution. Results will appear after you type at least 3 characters. For best results be as specific as possible. If you can't find your school, try using any part of your school's name or searching for your school district or state. You may also need to search for the school using the acronym or full name, for example "USU" and "Utah State University".

User Summary: Canvas Instructors (2021-10-16)

This document highlights feature updates in the current Canvas web release that affect your user role. The date of this document indicates when the included features will be available in the production environment. Unless otherwise indicated, features are already available in the beta environment.


Updated Features



Assignment Search

The Gradebook includes two search fields: one for student names, and one for assignment names. Using the Assignment search field displays any search results that match an assignment in the course.


Sticky Navigation Menus

The Course and User Navigation Menus remain sticky and are always visible on their respective pages. When a long page is scrolled, the respective menu is retained in the sidebar. If the navigation menu is longer than the height of the screen, the menu can also be scrolled to view all menu links.


Course Notification Customization

Course notification preferences can be customized in the Notifications page.


Submission Status Label Edits

The SpeedGrader sidebar includes an Edit icon to be used for submission statuses. Statuses can be edited the same way as in the Gradebook. Additionally, adjusting a status in SpeedGrader also applies to the Gradebook.

User Settings

Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader is available in User Settings and can be enabled by individual users. However, this feature may already be enabled for you by your institution.

Additionally, the Microsoft Immersive Reader button is supported in Assignments, the Course Home Page, and the Syllabus. This change allows additional resources to be used with the Microsoft Immersive Reader.


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