Is there a Canvas Desktop App for Mac? I have the mobile app OS

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Wondering is Canvas app available for Mac?

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Hi Fowler4

On a desktop (or laptop) computer you would use a browser (Safari) to access your Canvas account rather using an app. The apps are intended for mobile devices.

Where do I find my institution's URL to access Canvas?


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@Fowler4 ...

I'm not aware of a "desktop" app for either Mac or PC users.  For those that use Canvas on a desktop computer, they usually just sign in to Canvas using browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Here is a Guide with more information on browser requirements:

Let Community members know if you've got any other questions about this information.  Thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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Chris, the Canvas Mobile apps may likely arrive on Macs around 2021-2022 via the Mac App Store as Apple is transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon processors. This enables iOS apps (including Canvas apps) to run on Macs without the need to recompile for the desktop.
(A touch screen iMac or MacBook would be even better with the Apple Pencil...)

Chromebooks already support Android apps, including Canvas. However, on higher resolution screens, the text size is too small when using default settings.

Windows users are out of luck as Windows 10 Mobile support was discontinued in January 2020.

(As Canvas celebrates its 10th anniversary in February 2021, maybe that could be possible!)


Desktop support may have to wait until Canvas 7 or 8 comes out. Teachers can use both Student and Teacher apps to manage course data. Showing version numbers for iOS.

  • Student: 6.9.3 (10/5/2020)
  • Teacher: 1.11.8 (10/5/2020)
  • Parent: 3.3.0 (9/18/2020)
    (Not all institutions support parent accounts, especially when Self Registration is completely turned off by the institution.)

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Hi All,

As the product manager of the Canvas mobile apps, officially I can not confirm that the macOS (desktop) support will come in the Canvas Student 7 or 8. This is an opportunity we consider for sure, but we have not fixed plans or set commitments yet, as the direction is a pretty new one and it requires deep investigation + validation. If you would like to talk to us about why you think it is (not) needed, please reach out to us, we are happy to discuss!

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