Opening Flipgrid in Canvas Mobile App

Community Novice

I'm testing the Canvas LTI integration for Flipgrid for my campus and I'm running into trouble with the mobile integration. When I try to respond to a Flipgrid assignment from within the Canvas app and I'm taken to the screen shown below, the link for "Open in app" doesn't work at all. Nothing happens when I tap on it. 

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Obviously I can't bypass this by adding the flip code to the Flipgrid app because the grid is tied to a Canvas assignment. And this functionality shouldn't matter if I'm logged in as an educator because it appears to be a broken link.

I don't want to recommend using the Flipgrid integration to our faculty if their students won't actually be able to use the mobile version - which is realistically how most students will want to record and submit quick videos. So any help in this matter would be appreciated it. Thanks!

FYI: This on an android with the app already installed on the phone.

image of the "use the app" pop-up message inviting the user to "open in app"