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What is the current status of the accuracy of "Page Views" for a student who has accessed Canvas via the mobile app?

I'm talking about the "page views csv" you can download from a user's profile. I know that in the past there were problems with accuracy when the student was accessing Canvas with the mobile app. I thought those problems were resolved, but I keep having situations where a student swears they took a quiz but Canvas doesn't show it in Quizzes or in page views, but they were using the mobile app.

And I see strange things in the "page views" report for mobile app interactions such as 42 interactions all registered in the same minute including taking a quiz. I don't think that's even possible, and, to me, indicates inaccurate data from the mobile app showing up in the "page views" report.

This article indicates that the timing shown in the report may not be accurate if the student used the mobile app:

For the cases in question, though, the students have reported that they took a quiz but Canvas doesn't show it. 


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Hello @fbidwell 

I understand that you have some questions about the accuracy of Page views for a user. 

From my experience, the page views are pretty accurate... Any time a student clicks on something, there should be some information displayed in the page views for the user. It might be best to try and get more information and have support look into any issues you are seeing with the student in question. 

One other thing to mention is that with quizzes, the moderate this quiz area should display if a students attempt was used or not. If they still show an attempt unused, it would indicate that they never accessed the quiz. If they did access the quiz, you can look at the quiz log, which can be enabled in the feature options of the course. This should display information about what may have taken place once the start quiz button was engaged. 

HERE is a guide on the quiz log. 

HERE is a guide on Moderate This Quiz for the classic quizzes engine. 

HERE is a guide for moderating a quiz in the New Quizzes engine. 

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