Revise and resubmit a PDF annotation via iPad app?

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Students have submitted PDF annotations using the iPad.  Can they pick up where they left off and revise the same document with their saved work? OR once they submit do they not have a way to continue to edit it using PDF annotation via the Canvas student iPad app?

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I tested this as a student in the Canvas Student app on my iPad. I made annotations on a PDF linked in the text of the assignment details, turned it in, and then opened it again using the same link. All of my annotations were still there, and I was able to change what was written on the PDF.  

I am very happy that my submission was not altered though! However, when I turned it in again, the instructor (and my student self) could see the versions with the appropriate time stamps.

If you have any follow-up questions, let the Community know! We'll do our best to connect you with the resources you need.

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