can't access my uni's log-in page on canvas student app

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Hi, i've been having this same problem for like 2 months, no matter how many times i re-installed the app or cleared cache, every time i input my school's url ( or the name of my university (de la salle university), it comes up to a dead end, basically just a white screen and nothing loads after that [i'll attach a couple pics]. nobody else at school seems to be having this problem and i even reached out to the ITS at school for help but so far haven't heard back from them. Additionally, whenever i get to said blank page, i try waiting sometimes but to no avail. occasionally it'll tell me the page can't be found or something but it doesn't make sense because that's the only domain(?? idk what it's called) my uni has on canvas.

Anyway, i now access canvas through updates in my email on desktop (i probably should also note trying to log into canvas on desktop is hard because it doesn't recognize any password i put in and every time i've tried to change my password they tell me to check my email to reset it but i never receive an email from them [yes, even in spam.] but whenever i receive assignments through email i'm able to access my account through there. honestly idk what's going on with yalls login but im really frustrated.) but the mobile app just doesn't work for me.

Sorry this was a long one, i just wanted to be as clear as possible on what the problem was and what i've already done to try and solve it to avoid wasting time. Really hope and will appreciate if somebody can solve these problems for me, thank you so much.335441_dlsu 1.png335443_dlsu 2.png

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Hi Sidney,

I'm sorry you are having difficulties logging in to Canvas using the Canvas Student app.  Unfortunately every school has their own way of setting up authentication for Canvas so I can't do much to help troubleshoot your particular situation.  I did pull up the screen on my phone however and do get a log in page (looks like DLSU uses Google to authenticate).  

My best guess on this is that perhaps you have an out of date version of Android on your phone and that is causing problems when it tries to authenticate.  I've also seen some weird things if you have your phone settings to a custom font or text size. Again those are just guesses. 

Rather than posting in this online forum it might be better for you to contact Canvas support about the issue.  When logged in to Canvas, click the Help icon on the left side of the page and use the Report a Problem link. 


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