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Canvas Teacher Release Notes (Android 1.29)

Canvas Teacher Release Notes (Android 1.29)

In Canvas Teacher 1.29, instructors can publish or unpublish modules and module items. Additionally, push notification options are updated.

Canvas Android app version updates are distributed in a phased rollout, which distributes the update to all users over time. The features in these notes may not immediately be available as an update in the Play Store. The Canvas Teacher Android App requires Android 8.0 or later.

New Features


Publish and Unpublish Modules

In Modules, instructors can bulk publish all modules or individual modules. Additionally, instructors can publish and unpublish individual module items.

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Modules Page Options IconModules Page Options Icon

In Modules, tap the Options icon.

Module Bulk Publish/Unpublish OptionsModule Bulk Publish/Unpublish Options

Instructors can choose to bulk publish all modules by selecting Publish all Modules and Items [1], Publish Modules only [2], or Unpublish all Modules and Items [3].

Publish Confirmation ModalPublish Confirmation Modal

After making a selection, a confirmation displays for each bulk publish option.

Individual Module Bulk Publish/Unpublish OptionsIndividual Module Bulk Publish/Unpublish Options

Additionally, instructors can bulk publish individual modules using the Options icon.

Module Item Options IconModule Item Options Icon

Individual module items can also be published or unpublished using the Options icon.

Note: If the publish icon does not display as opaque, instructors cannot change the module or module item status.

Updated Features

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Push Notification Options Update

In User Settings, the following unused push notification options are removed from the user interface for instructors :

  • Grading Policies
  • Announcements created by you
  • Files
  • All Submissions
  • Late Grading
  • Add to Conversations
  • Conversation created by you
  • Appointment Sign Ups
  • Membership Update
  • Administrative Notifications

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Change Log


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