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Assigning individual assignments to premade group of students

One of our courses was split into two groups due to the amount of students but are kept in the same course(for administrative reasons). The group consists of 60 students. This was split into two groups of 30. Currently Each group receives assignments separately through the same course in Canvas and submit them individually. Is there a way where I can set "Group A" and "Group B" instead of individually having to input the 30 names when assigning the homework availability?

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You would be better off creating sections.  Assign the students to 1 of 2 sections and then on the assignments just select that section or everyone if it is for all students.

instructor manual index on courses and sections 

Instructor manual page on creating sections

edit there is a way to add students easily to the sections from the people page, I do not remember the way right now, but I believe you need the student id's so that you can bulk add them