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Bulk Download and restrict availability for essay assignment

We are having our students create a writing submission as part of our state assessments this year.  We'd like to be able to do that within canvas.  Our requirements...

  • Students need to be able to work on their submission during specific times.  So, if a student doesn't finish it one day in class, we want it to be able to be locked so they can't work on it at home.  
  • We need to be able to download the submissions.  

We know we can use the regular assignment and text entry and download, but it feels like a lot of trouble to change the available dates/times all the time.   Also they download as a HTML file and the essays are not in a great format.  

We tried the new  quizzes and that seems to work well - with a passcode - but we can't download the submissions.  

We tried the "classic" quizzes - same thing as the new ones.  Can't download them (or downloads as a CSV which is really ugly for an essay.  

Someone mentioned using Google LTI but we were concerned about students being able to change it in their drive even if the assignment was "unavailable."  Someone else suggested that we use Google LTI but have students submit after the first session.  Then the teacher could "pass back" the essay on the second day for students to finish.  


Anyone have any experience with trying to do this?  Suggestions?


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From what I can see, the Google LTI and passback may be your best bet, but depending on how many students you have, that may take awhile.

If you do assignments/Text entry - the work doesn't save between sessions.

For state testing, if you are having to submit a printed copy anyway, why are you having the students type them? Why not just handwrite the entries and if they don't finish, pick them up until the next day? Seems like a lot of extra work/stress/points of weakness for something that will end up on paper anyway.

Also, if you haven't, I would check with your district's testing coordinator for regulations in terms of what the state allows. In Texas, we wouldn't be able to use Google due to test security concerns and all our digital testing has to be done in a specific program.

Chad Scott

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Hi Chad

  I am the testing coordinator.  We don't have to submit these to the state but want to have them all digitally so that we can score them among multiple people.  In VA, we're allowed to put together a writing portfolio over high school to show proficiency in writing.  Submissions are graded locally after the teachers have gone through training.  

   The more I think about it the more I think that the passback might work.  We're a relatively small division and our teachers would just be working with their specific class.  

    We actually tried the text entry and changing availability dates and it did seem to save what they worked on earlier.  It's just clunky.   Downloaded results are hard to read

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Thanks for useful info! I know how difficult it is for students to write assignments.

@JeffThorsenDrift Hunter swrote:

Thanks for useful info! I know how difficult it is for students to write assignments.

for me it's really hard.