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Canvas iOS app and Extenernal Apps(LTI)

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I don't much use the iOS app for Canvas as an administrator, however i was asked today about LTI tools not working in Canvas.  Looking at the IOS app video and guides here in the community I could not find anything that specifically said they are not supported.  Just that some features are not supported and to use the mobile browser for full experience.  It appears all LTI/external apps do not work, including the standard redirect tool.  Looking at my practice courses I could not get any external app in the left navigation to function.

Can someone please confirm that External Apps do not currently run on Canvas iOS app?  If this is the case is the is something that is being developed or should i steer my users to use safari instead?



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Justin,

As of today the iOS app should be able to view LTI tools. That feature update will be in our beta notes on Monday, but I believe it is actually in production.



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I've seen this as well.  Even with courses that use a lot of CSS styling, the CSS styling displays great in mobile browsers but not at all in the native mobile apps.  LTI links are another one of those areas that almost never work.  I'm not saying that none will ever work, I just haven't tried on that does work.

Thanks John,

I was thrown off because one of my users was still using an older version of the Canvas app on an Ipad and that versions was allowing about half of the LIT and redirects to work.  Yet the newer versions of the app seem to not support any LTI links we use.

The main reason this was brought up is we have an online evaluation tool for courses integrated on one of our campuses and they were concerned as it was not working on the APP.  I recommended that they suggest users move to the browser if possible on the device but this lead me down the rabbit hole of realizing non of our integrations seemed to be working.  I wanted to make sure i was not missing something, thanks!

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We are using EvaluationKit and today my Android users were able to access their surveys through the Canvas app, but not my IOS users.  My IOS users can't access their surveys through the Canvas app or the Safari web browser.  So I think it's hit and miss with whether the app will work with a mobile device, and it's best to check ahead of time on all devices if possible.

Community Team
Community Team

 @jazemlya ​

Would you please submit a support ticket with very specific information on the LTIs you tested and what is not working in the iOS app.  Thank you.

 @John_Lowe ​ and  @tatee  - if you have specific cases that are not working, please submit a ticket as well.

I currently have a ticket open about all of our LTI tools not working in the Canvas by Instructure iPad app.  For every tool, a type of program code -- a JSON object prepended by while(1) -- is currently being shown instead of the LTI tool provider's content.  My understanding is that this problem emerged recently and will be fixed in the next version of the app, very soon.

Especially if what you are seeing is not similar to what I described -- and even if it is similar -- definitely follow  @Renee_Carney ​'s advice and open a support ticket.  Here are links to problem report steps for iPhone and iPad.

Community Team
Community Team

As a general rule, Canvas apps don't support third-party LTI tools. The third-party companies decide whether or not to make their LTI tools available to mobile devices. So if you need an LTI tool to work on mobile, you could always reach out to the provider and see if they have plans to make the tool more mobile friendly!


The late-April-through-early-May issue with LTI tools unable to display content in the iOS apps was resolved with the release of version 3.8.5 of the Canvas by Instructure iOS app.

I wanted to follow up on this issue.  After speaking with my CSM and him following up on the ticket i created it appears that the engineers have identified the issue that is causing no LTi to show up in the iOS mobile app and a fix should be coming shortly.  So hopefully this issue will no longer be an issue in the near future.

Thanks for the response but don't think your answer really applies as this is a known issue with the Canvas iOS app.