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Captivate projects not loading


I have been creating my lectures on Adobe captivate and using the HTML 5 files. I load these to canvas and create a link for students to open in a  new tab to watch lectures. Since 8/31/20 my videos no longer loads. It gets stuck in a spinning wheel. My old videos still woks. Even if I upload an old video that used to work no longer works.

Is there anything changed during the weekend?

Please let me know,


the loading picturecapti.JPG


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I am having the same issue. My non-360 HTML Captivate files had worked fine, but now that I am on the next batch, the loading wheel just spins. It plays fine on my computer. I tested it on a website and in Moodle LMS and it plays fine there. Have you had any luck figuring out yours since you posted?

Don't even bother contacting Canvas support. I wasted a few hours with no help. They basically said we can't help with Custom HTML files!!!! All the money we pay them and no help at all.

I managed to get it to work as importing as SCCOM files. You will have to add a few questions to your lectures and publish them as HTML SCCOM 1.2 Moodle option. Then import it in the SCCOM tab as an ungraded assignment. You can then go to assignments and link it from there. You will have to move your SCCOM tab on setting to active navigation on the top in Canvas settings.

I wish we had Blackboard, support was better. Let me know if this works for you.


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Hmmm, longterm, have you considered how your already uploaded files that are not SCORM will be impacted if you need to make an update that will require a fresh upload after students have started? I assume the replacement will have to shift over to SCORM. I am about 4 months into using Canvas, so I am concerned about those things that might escape my understanding. 

Here is what I assume would happen with needing to shift to SCORM in an active course with students:

  • Right now I have a graphic button on a 'Page' that launches my Captivate lessons and the layout is very pretty. If possible I would like to keep my original desing on the page. Can you launch a SCORM file from a graphic button? If so, will there still be an assignment hanging out there that will make it look to the student like it is still yet to be watched? I am discouraged thinking that I will have to completely restructure my courses I have already built and school has already started.
  • For students that have already completed a non-SCORM version lesson and then it is updated to an assignment so an update can be loaded, will they suddenly end up showing incomplete work even though they have watched the lesson in the original working publish already?

Are there any other surprises I am not thinking of?

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I have been having the same issue.  This started for my on 8/27, and my ticket is still open with Canvas tech support.  I was also told that it's an issue with my html.  I use Captivate for games or interactions; I can upload the .zip of the Captivate project into Files and it appears that the file is uploaded.  I cannot preview the index.html file (I get a "file not found" error).  If I try to embed the file on a page within Canvas, I receive a 403 / 404 error in the Developer Tools of the browser.  

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Some time has gone by and I am on a new position with a university that is trialling Canvas. As soon as I got a sandbox course, this was the first thing I wanted to test. My first uploaded files did great. I felt that indicated that they solved the issue. However, a few hours later I uploaded another set and it gave that same familiar warning even though I could see the file right there in the folder. Are you all still experiencing issues?

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We are still unable to load Captivate projects from the Files section of a Canvas course.  Canvas Tech Support told me that they updated security features this past summer, which can affect the ability to host the index.html file.  To solve our issue, I have our team upload the Captivate projects on our server at the university.  I pull the index.html file from our server instead of using the Files section within Canvas.  

I am uploading them as SCCOM packages and no issues so far!