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Collaborate Ultra failure code

When I try to video conference into a lab night using Collaborate Ultra I get a Failure code : J10 which will not allow me to join the webinar. What does this code mean? 


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@Steven Bailie

I too have this error for a user - I found this advice on BB Collaborate known issues site ( entered failure code J10)

Behind the Blackboard! 

Document Details:

Collaborate Ultra requires an HTML 5 web socket connection be allowed on browsers and networking appliances such as proxy servers.  Users trying to connect from networks that do not allow HTML 5 Web Socket connections will be unable to launch a Collaborate Ultra Session.

The J10 and J11 error messages indicate that a network connection is blocking HTML 5 web socket connections.  These error messages are usually the direct result of a network firewall configuration issue on campus or at your workplace.

Please have your local network administrator test to see if HTML 5 Web Socket connections are permitted on your network by following the instructions found in the following article:
You can also try accessing Collaborate Ultra from another network (coffee shop, local library, cellular hotspot) on the same computer.  If you are able to access Collaborate from another network, then this indicates that the school or workplace network firewall configuration is most likely the cause of the J10 or J11 error message that you are receiving.

The J10 and J11 error message almost always happen when a user is accessing from a school or work network.  However, if you are at home when this happens, please follow the home network troubleshooting steps found in the Collaborate Ultra home network troubleshooting guide found here:

If you have followed all troubleshooting suggestions in the articles listed here, please submit a ticket to Blackboard Collaborate Support through Behind the Blackboard.  Be sure to include your JavaScript Web Console Logs.  Instructions for gathering the logs are found here:

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