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Comments being erased when syncing from Canvas to PowerTeacherPro

Our teachers enter assignments/grades into Canvas. Then they sync to PowerSchool's gradebook, PowerTeacherPro (PTP). PowerSchool is our SIS. Comments do not transfer from Canvas to PTP with the sync, so teachers are going into PTP and adding comments for some students. The next time the teacher uses the sync for a different assignment, the previous comments are deleted. This is very frustrating. 

Is anyone else syncing grades from Canvas to PTP? If so, have you found a way to keep the comments that are entered into PTP without the next sync erasing them? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jroney .  I do not use PowerTeacherPro, but was interested in your question and found the following site you may be interested in investigating if you have not already done so, PowerSchool.  Looking through some of these documents I did not see any mention of comments being transferred from Canvas to PTP but there is a location on this webpage called "ask powerschool".  It may be worth posting your question here although I am not sure what happens to the question when typed into this box.  I am also going to share your question with the K-12 user group in hopes that someone here has particular insight into the problem you are facing.

I hope this helps and best wishes! 

Community Team
Community Team

 @jroney ‌ has created a feature idea for this: Sync Commons from Canvas to PowerSchool

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We use Infinite Campus for our SIS and we find the same frustration.  Its much easier to enter the comments in Canvas while doing the actual grading but those comments won't sync over.  IF your teachers DO redo the comment and manually add them to your SIS, to prevent them from being erased with the next sync, you have to unsync the assignment.  It is definitely a frustrating situation.  My ONLY suggestion is 1.  get all the grades into Canvas (lates, etc.) 2.  Sync it over to your SIS.  3.  Uncheck the sync option. 4.  THEN add comments in SIS   Its ALOT of steps and very dependent upon order of I'm finding many Canvas tasks are.

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We use a different SIS and our comments, especially during the Distance Learning time frame, have become critical. When teachers put comments into our SIS system, the SYNC action is erasing them. Since we sync often (students are now turning in work before during and after due dates) the comments are impossible to keep up with. This is also a NEW issue. Prior to this school year it was not the case. The comments were NOT erased in the SIS when assignments were synced. Seems like a new setting. Please FIX!!         

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Have there been any updates on this?  We are having sync issues just like this in which comments in PTPro are being erased after a Canvas sync.

I cannot get into the link as it says I do not have sufficient privileges.

The links no longer work.  The pages no longer exist.

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Still an issue at the end of 2020, we need a way to sync comments to assignments. If I need to flag an assignment I cannot keep record using our SIS if Canvas is consistently deleting the comments due to a simple line of code... smh ;?/

You should be able to search the Canvas guides to find the Sync Commons from Canvas to PowerSchool