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Curated Space for Content/Tools that can be Embeded in Canvas

Not that long ago, while browsing the resources in the Open Education group, I wandered across these two documents: Open Tools and Open Content Providers.  Viewing these two lists led me to wonder if something similar had been done for embedded content and/or tools, and if not, why?

I realize there are many blogs, documents, videos, and guides throughout the community that feature web tools, and the like, that can be embedded into Canvas, but wouldn’t it be great if there were a place to curate those items into one list that would link out to those other spaces in the community?  Created as the two documents in the Open Ed group were, to allow editing by the community, this would also let community members add new tools as they find them or new uses for previously listed tools.  This might even inspire someone who has been putting off creating a blog or video about how they use a tool to create and share his or her idea.

In thinking about the information the list should contain, I came with the following things: the name of the item, a brief description of its use(s), a link to a corresponding guide/blog/video that documents the use(s) in detail, and audience (higher ed/K-12).  I thought to keep the link separate from the name rather than making the name the link as I found some tools already listed in the community in more than one place, so these multiple links would need to be accounted for somehow.  Another question that came to me is, where this would be hosted, as not all tools that can be embedded are free and many are multi-audience, so I am not certain that this list fits in any specific group.

With the many comments lately in Use the Canvas Guides? We'll reward you for your feedback!  about how difficult it can be at times to locate something in the community through search if one does not know the correct terms to search with, I feel that more curated spaces could help alleviate some of those issues.

I have attempted to get things started on this not only through posting this discussion, but by also including the attached Word doc that contains some of the items I was able to easily track down in the community that might be used to start the list.

If this already exists in the community, please let me know.

Update:  @dhulsey  pointed out that this does already exist. There is a collaborative document in the Instructional Design group: Course Design Resource Index (Collaboration)  I would like to encourage anyone who has integrated third-party tools of any sort into Canvas to visit this document and add your information to help curate a central location where everyone might access this info. Also, if you know of someone who is using third-part tools in Canvas, please encourage them to add their experience so that everyone might benefit from their knowledge.

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Community Team
Community Team

All,  @jbrady2 ​ has created a CanvasLIVE​ resource to facilitate collaboration on the creation of this curated space. You'll find it in the Open Forums of the CanvasLIVE Chatroom: Third Party Tools Curation. If you haven't yet joined us in the Chatroom, follow these instructions to get started: CanvasLIVE: 24/7 LIVE Chatrooms

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Hey, Jeffery! Take a look at Course Design Resource Index (Collaboration)​. I hope that helps!

Community Champion

Thanks  @dhulsey  That is exactly what I was thinking when I created this discussion. Now that I know this exists, I am bookmarking it, and I will encourage others, when I read the posts they have created about third-party tools, to add their info here to provide one central place for everyone to reference.

Community Team
Community Team

Those of you who have been following this resource might also be interested in a related upcoming CanvasLIVE‌ event: snufer‌ will be presenting When High Tech becomes Hot Tech: Educational Technology Showcase  on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. If you're able to attend, RSVP "yes"; if you're interested, but your schedule doesn't allow you to attend in real time, respond "maybe" or "no." Your RSVP ensures that you'll receive a notification should the event be cancelled or changed.

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I'm so glad stefaniesanders‌ revived this item with her latest comment, and thanks for all the information and links,  @jbrady2 ‌ ... one thing that is probably helpful, given the enormous number of tools, is getting people used to the idea of thinking in categories:

external tools available through LTI / Apps in Settings

external tools/content that you can embed with iframe

external tools/content that you can embed with javascript (using nifty script-to-File-to-Page trick)

external content available via RSS (I use Inoreader for that RSS integration; there are other options)

and there are probably other general "categories" as well... those are the four that I have explored so far.

I've got a presentation at my school next week on embedding external tools, with an emphasis on iframes, javascript, and RSS; the materials are here, and now that I have this open course set up, I'll keep adding on to it based on the tools that I've found useful in my own teaching ... sometimes providing information about applications in teaching is just as important as the tech how-tos IMO.

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