Grades: What to do When Bb Goes Away?

Community Novice

So I have looked at different areas in the Community (the Migration Strategies area, for example) and I can't seem to find an answer. You guys in the Community are so awesome, that I know someone will chime in and give me some ideas on where to go in my research below.

So as my institution embarks on a migration from Bb to Canvas (estimate to be fully migrated will be by May 2018), we have a concern: grade disputes. Even if we keep a Bb environment for a year after we're fully on Canvas, the state requires us to assist in grade disputes upwards of 5 years back. We do have Bb archives of all past courses and those contain all content, grades, and student submissions, but the only way (that we know of) to look at the information collectively is by restoring/resurrecting a course in a Bb instance. As an admin, I even tried to import a course archive to Bb CourseSites, but nothing: it (understandably) brought over only the content; no users or grades. I reached out to CourseSites Support and they confirmed that all you can do is import in CourseSites and that the import will not bring over grades.

We're going to have faculty and IDs export their gradebooks prior to migrating, but that's not enough. Faculty would have to look at the whole picture to be able to access how a grade was given.

So in short, how have other institutions dealt with grade dispute issues (if any) once you no longer can pull up grades and activity from your former LMS?

Any guidance in the right direction here would be great.